Measuring the worthiness of Jipaban Sale

A while ago I saw Qiu Qiu tweeted about Jipaban holding a (up to) 70%  sale, so out of curiosity I went in to take a look and possibly do some shopping since I haven't done one for a really long time.

Little did I expect my purchased came up to S$155.00 worth of items; includes shoes, bags and clothes. 

I opted for the JPB ( I suppose it stands for Jipaban ) Express Delivery since is free for orders above $150 and it took 5 days for my orders to arrive. Well, technically my order is ready to deliver on a friday but I unfortunately missed their call before the despatch set off so it was delivered on the following monday instead, I have to say it took was pretty fast! 
 photo DSC00037.jpg
But Just how worthy is Jipaban Sale?
Is the 70% discount really what it seems, because I was expecting $10-20 bucks kinda thing. 
Apparently yes, the stuff that was on sale was really dirt cheap can! I bought nothing over $15 bucks,  even shoes!

I was thrilled when my purchase arrived because I was really excited to check out if what I see I really what I get.  
So here you have it, 2 huge boxes above. The one of the left contain 2 pairs of shoes I've ordered and the right carton box are the clothes and bags. 
 photo DSC00039.jpg

Here are my shoes:

Suede No Back Strap Heels in Orange $10.00
 photo DSC00116.jpg
Omg can you imagine how cheap the shoes are, where to find $10.00 suede shoes that fits perfectly?
And The Cross Bandage Shoes (below) is something that I really wanted a long long time! Unfortunately it fits roomy for me even though is the same size as the orange suede one, so in the end I gave it to Felicia whose feet look impeccably awesome in it. Oh how kind of me lol!

Cross Bandage Heels in Grey $15.00
 photo DSC00117.jpg

Ok now we are off to the bag's section, don't scream just yet ok because unwrapping them comes in bit. 
 photo DSC00041.jpg

Ok now you are granted to bare your lungs out. 
 photo DSC00042.jpg

Reptilian Mini Sling in Mustard $10
 photo DSC00045.jpg
Oh I absolutely love love love this bag, it looks awesome and definitely worth the sale price! I would pay even $15 for the quality. Actually is a small handy sling bag comes with leather patterns that frames the edges. I understand that yellow is a loud colour that not many will carry but comon is summer season now! Well not exactly applicable for Singapore but after bracing through a national emergency and being called 'Childish', I can haze clear and sunny weather for 2 days straight, so we ought to celebrate!

Some choose to pop champagne so I choose my cheap way, strutting down the streets with my bold yellow sling and embrace the 'new fresh air' given by our neighbouring countries.

Duo Opening Clutch Bag $10.00
 photo DSC00047.jpg
I really love the way how this bag is constructed, you can store a lot more than you think with both front and back opening, it also comes with a strap for slinging. 

However, there are a hell lot of 'dimples' on this bag, I believed is because the bag was compressed together with all my other purchased and stuffed in the carton box.
I hope the recessed will surface in time to come as I store the bag individually.  Overall I really like how is constructed and how chic it looks. 
 photo DSC00053.jpg

 Tote in Green $15.00
 photo DSC00055.jpg
This is the most disappointing purchase of all, the bag looks like a piece of defected good being kept there for the longest time, and as if it is out of little choice they had to send it to me because is the last piece in their store.

Look at the buckle, initially it came with a protective film but when I tore it off I discovered so many little scratches! It couldn't possibly be new right? because if is protected with the film it would have prevent these scratches from happening.

And the quality is so bad that parts of the superficial layer is peeling off, exposing white stuff underneath. Have you ever encounter your PVC goods stored in your drawer for the longest time and one find day you take it out to inspect and everything starts to peel even with a light scrape? Ya this is happening here. 
To be honest I really like the size of this bag and how it comes with a handy sling strap, I also have already started using it but I think the lifespan of this bag will be pretty short due to the negligence of quality. 
 photo DSC00056.jpg

Ok enough of bags, lets move on to apparels. 
 photo DSC00068.jpg
As you can see I'm hardcore on shorts. 

Floral Shorts $10.00 matched with  Tote in Green $15.00
 photo DSC00069.jpg
From disappointment(on the green tote) to delightful!
A triple yes to my floral shorts and it fits like a glove! The self-tied ribbon in front which you can't really see clearly is the feature to this pair of shorts, they made me look really nice! The quality is pretty decent too!
The good thing is I don't need to depend of the tie ribbon in front to hold my waist up, there is actually a smocking band behind that hugs my body neatly. 
Best of all, because of the elasticity behind, I do not need to untie the ribbon when I m heading to the restroom, I hate wasting time. 

Polkadot Shorts $10.00 with Reptilian Mini Sling in Mustard $10
 photo DSC00079.jpg
One my favourite type of design, similar to skirt-shorts and very roomy indeed, good enough to do a gymnastics spilt. 
Quality is decent like most blogshops and fabric is very lightweight for our weather. 
This has already became my staple outfit, 1 week wear 1 time. 

Frontier Pocket Shorts $10.00 with Duo Opening Clutch Bag $10.00
 photo DSC00084.jpg
I haven't worn this out the streets yet but this pair is very dangerous for full stomachs.
I must think of a day where I'm only munching on peanuts for meals then I can fully present myself in this and because is so body hugging it will definitely NOT work with many layers of top tucked-in style . Also do not wear Grandma's panty, visible line will show. Best of all don't wear any. 

Drill shorts $10.00
 photo DSC00087.jpg
Actually I don't intend to buy this one because I need to hit the minimum spending to entitle for free delivery so I decided to add this into my cart box. 
Ok not bad la, very back to school style and I have to say the quality is really good! I kinda enjoy the detailed pleating and darts at the front. 

Peppers White Shorts $10.00
 photo DSC00089.jpg
Ok this pair of shorts feels like a 2nd skin except that it fits somewhat loose around my waist area. 
I really like the spiciness on the repeated prints very summery and hot literally. 

 photo DSC00090.jpg
One thing, this pair of high-waisted shorts gives me camel toe, okays, now you know how my vagina looks like. Also to mention, a belt loop was missing from this pair causing the belt constantly hike up my waist. Make me so malu when I head out, need to worry about the belt and people noticing my 'W'. Luckily because of the complicated prints, one hardly notices my granny pantyline.

If you are unsure of what I'm talking about, please see as illustrate:

The real camel toe
 photo images-1.jpeg

The human camel toe: zoomed-in version.
 photo images.jpeg

U Front Pencil Skirt $10.00
 photo DSC00098.jpg
I absolutely love how the skirt is constructed, very designer-ish and chic except for 1 loose around the waist! I need to figure out how to alter it to fit me. Other than that I'm very happy with both the design and quality.

Maxi Skirt (comes with belt) $10.00
 photo DSC00100.jpg
Very flowly skirt, fits me just right!
When saw the model wearing this over at Jipaban website, I knew I had to get it because the photo shows the skirt ending a little higher than her ankles and it means it will cover mine just right without making my skirt sweep the floor.

Polka Dotted Tunic $10.00
 photo DSC00103.jpg
One of the most worthy tops! I adore this to bits!!! yay
I like how flowly it looks by not making me look fat/pregnant!
The length is just right for me to slip on a pair of shorts underneath, I feel sexier than ever wearing this.

Off Shoulder Shoulder Dress (with invisible straps) $15.00
 photo DSC00106.jpg
Last but not least, the only dress I bought and is black(not usually a black crazy person)!
It comes with self padding to hold the boobs and invisible straps for security. Judging from the backview (right pic) you notice there the dress fits little roomy for comfort so I probably need to alter it smaller.
I would definitely wear this to attend weddings or dinner parties because it could look elaborate and classy with the right accessories!

That sums up my purchase fom Jipaban sale, here's my conslusion:

Happy with my purchase?
Yes, overall I'm pretty happy with the stuff I've got, decent quality, some even better than expected.
Except for some items which I'd already expressed my disappointment but thats ok, is sale price anyway. However, I cannot tolerate that if is compromised quality for a full priced item .

So will I purchased from Jipaban again?
I'm a sale hungry person so I will purchase from Jipaban if they hold such major sale again, even if the sale does not happen I will still purchase 1 or 2 items from time to time because Shopping is Therapeutic!


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