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OMG this is a super backlog post, so pardon if you have seen similar pictures elsewhere :X

During the recent Audi Fashion Week for high fashion label Zardoze, Silver invited me as her +1 and I readily agreed because I love runway shows! I have to say even though I'm not used to the glitz and glamour, I still pretty much enjoyed meeting new people.

It was held over at Marina Promenade Tent that house hundreds of guest, everyone was dress in their best especially the bloggers representing Zardoze : Silver, Estelle, Dawn, Renee & Vanessa. They were all don in pretty dresses I dream to wear someday!
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Luxury Audi Cars in view barricaded with Q-poles.
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I was honoured to be among the well known bloggers, I felt a little dress down actually, everyone's outfit has at least a shiny factor like sequins and diamonds and I'm all dark and gloomy. Never mind I'm sure I'll do better the next time round!
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Another Audi parked Centre Island at the atrium, I have the strong urge to hop on, ignite that convertible and crash through the crowd, just picture that James bond moment in your head. 
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Fann Wong was there to hype up the event, totally star struck.
Her skin looks flawless under those camera lighting, she really knows how to keep herself looking youthful!
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Dear Silver and Me!
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All Guest seated while waiting for the show to start.
Tell you most fashion show starts fashionably late one, the invitation says 6:30 but you wont get to see the models strut down the runway until 9pm!
So my fashion advice is to go 2 hours later than the stipulated timing.
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Initially, we are sitting like 5 rows behind until Silver's spotted her friend and ushered us to sit right behind Fann Wong and Rui En!
From Row 5 upgraded to Row 2, what awesome luck!
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Here's Dick Lee, Rui En and Fann Wong.
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The first Zardoze Segment - Ready To Wear Collection.

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The outfits look really wearable and seems like a breeze to fit in, from the looks of it I noticed many were made of silk-like fabric that hugs the body softly, gently.
To be honest I really not a fan of black but the blacks on picture #4 (especially the centre pic) looks really awesome, full of interesting elements going around the upper torso.

The 2nd segment - Zardoze's Panthea Collection
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These are the few that I only managed to grab and snapped because the walking hangers are way too fast!
Also this particular high fashion range is too hot for me to handle baby; tassels, feathers,tutus and see through chest pieces totally took my breath away.
The one on the right (pic #2) reminds me so much of my last year's wedding dress 
I love cascading dresses, they tend to elongate my legs well enough to make me look taller.

Not to forget, acclaimed Indian model/actress Nethra Raghuraman modelled the “diamond”dress” which features 130-carat diamond and is priced at S$500,000.
OMG crazy can, here are some of behind-the-scenes detailed workmanship.

So here's a wrap for Zardoze! *clap clap*
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Our after the show pictures!
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 photo DSC00304.jpg
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With Estelle! she's so tiny and sweet to offer me Zardoze dresses for important events!
Thanks in adv Est!
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Silver's #ootd
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Here's my poser shot. 
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With renee, we went for dinner after that before the ambassadors head back to their after show party. 
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And lastly the food list from Au Chocolat !
Truffle Fries for Renee
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Eggs Benedict for Silver
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1/2 caijun chicken with sweet potato fries!
They tasted really yummy, I want to head for their fries again and again, sorry for my blurry picture, I accidentally changed the settings to soft mode and now my chicken looks like is about to float away~
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Ending off this post with a Chocolate Tower Cake which Silver and I struggled to finish because by the time we get to this our stomaches are already full, plus Renee is lactose intolerant so no dairy products for her :(
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Good bye!

 You can find Zardoze at the following outlets:

  • ROBINSONS SHOPPING CENTRE - Raffles City (Level 2) 
  • Centrepoint Orchard Singapore 

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