Inside scoop Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) Office Colleagues + Weekend randoms

Ok, I'm guilty as charged for being absent (from this blog) for an entire week. 
Needless to say my same old excuse was work, work and more work. Of course school is keeping me busy as well, I'm picking up a lot of new makeup techniques and looks so I believe it'll come in handy for my future plans to come :D

I'm sure many of you have seen the latest Episode from Night Owl Cinematics aka NOC 'Office Colleagues' Episode. If you haven't, watch it now lol!

With that said I'm providing the inside scoop today, yes it means more pictures of behind the scenes to enjoy. 

It all started with my Look Of The day(LOTD) for the set. 
 photo IMG_9152.jpg

Supposedly unseen footages where "the colleagues" are plotting against their new intern.
Check out the smirk on Nina's Face, with that hand gesture and sinister look, we would immediately know who's the leader of the pack. 
Also spot the hardworking Jerrica holding the reflector as low as possible to avoid getting into frame. 
 photo IMG_9154.jpg
 photo IMG_9158.jpg

We had so much fun filming this episode probably because of the wacky furniture they have in the office.
Checkout this Neon Orange Ball Chair!
When I talk in it the words actually echoed mildly back at me, I guess probably because of the sphere-like structure that tends to trap voices! Somemore is rotatable, how fun is that?!
 photo IMG_9160.jpg
 photo IMG_9180.jpg

Here, you can see that I'm not the only one who's enjoying the chair. 
 photo IMG_9163.jpg

 photo IMG_9169.jpg
Best thing about this chair? Is fit for 1 only!

ok, maybe not. 
 photo IMG_9164.jpg

Mr Wong also having his fair share of fun saddling on this Dog-shaped chair!
 photo IMG_9166.jpg

Glad to have Sikeen back!
 photo IMG_9170.jpg

Jerrica and me sneaking sometime off for a picture. 
 photo IMG_9176.jpg

Nina's not only well endowed, she also has snow white legs!
 photo IMG_9177.jpg

Later Felicia and I head down to (coincidentally) our friend's bday partie at Ritz Carlton hotel!
She's wearing what I've wore earlier, I think it suits her better. It felt roomy when I wore them, in terms of many aspects if you get what I mean, lol. 

Oh btw, Felicia has started a new blog (, do visit her and she's NOT a boy .
 photo IMG_9184.jpg

The paranomic view of our beauty landscape. 
 photo IMG_9185.jpg

Here's the Birthday Boy, Nich!
21year old liao, must learn be a guai zai...
 photo IMG_9190.jpg

 photo IMG_9191.jpg
 photo IMG_9192.jpg
 photo IMG_9194.jpg

Happy Birthday Nich!
 photo IMG_9248.jpg

This triple meeting in a day is making me rush like a busy bee! Regardless of that, I enjoyed myself truly be it filming or social catchup. 

Glad my last stop ends here, Jaclyn's wedding!
 photo IMG_9220.jpg
I still remember the old times where the 3 emerging winners (us la!) spent a total of 5D4N on a all expenses paid trip to Japan 
This pic of of us trio brings back so much memories, I like reminiscing the old times!

My brother's friend Cassandra was there too, she is Jac's very very good friend.
Wearing a pink sari, Cass grace the 1st march in for Jac and the hubs. She later took the stage and executed a flawless speech without any script.  
 photo IMG_9200.jpg
Oh fyi the reason why we were in ethnic clothing is because like the last wedding I went to, this was a intercultural wedding and the theme given was to either come in traditional chinese wear (the chiong sum obviously) or bollywood outfit. So I chose the latter and borrow a sari from Jojo for Xinyi!

 photo IMG_9201.jpg

For a touch of freshness, Xinyi's wearing my Sari and I'm wearing Jojo's sister cream sari!
 photo IMG_9203.jpg
 photo IMG_9208.jpg
 photo IMG_9214.jpg

Instant pictures are distributed to us, which I already magnet-ed them to my fridge.
 photo IMG_9229.jpg
 photo IMG_9231.jpg

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Thank you Clara for the Sari that night, and thank you to Jojo too! :)