[Guest Post] Where to Find Summer Style Inspiration

Shopping for a new season wardrobe can be an overwhelming task. With new trends coming thick and fast, it can be difficult to get to grips with the latest must haves, and what will work for your body and lifestyle.
The last thing you want is to panic buy at the first sign of sunshine, wasting money on new clothes that aren’t right for you. Smart stylistas spend some time pre-shopping spree, looking up the latest trends and deciding which ones to invest in. This results in a far more co-ordinated wardrobe than taking a scatter gun approach to buying up the new season styles.
But where should you look for summer style inspiration?
Style Blogs
Blogging is big business, with endless fashion and style blogs to be found online. The trick is whittling them down to find style blogs that are relevant to you.
While reading a high end blog when you’re on a budget can still give you some good ideas, far more useful is a women’s clothes blog that features affordable and accessible items that are easy for you to pick up with minimum effort.
Have a look at the George at ASDA women’s clothes blog – Style File. Not only will it show you what’s new, it also puts together easy outfits for every occasion, so you have a ready made shopping list at your fingertips. What’s more, all items featured can be picked up easily and affordably at George at ASDA online, or in store – whatever works best for you!
Fashion Mags
Fashion mags can be a great source of inspiration, with more and more affordable alternatives hitting the newstands, such as Look and Grazia. Featuring a good mix of high street and high end purchases, these mags are perfect if you can afford to look at various price points.
Alternatively, most celebrity magazines – Now and Reveal, for example – have a style section featuring affordable brands and labels.
More and more fashion ranges are bringing out their own mags, which might either be sent out to you by post or be available to pick up instore.
Celebrity Style
Celebrity mags are also great for checking out what those in the public eye are wearing. As celebrities often have stylists to ensure that their outfits work amazingly well together, what they are wearing can give you some good ideas for your own budget versions.
TV Shows
Gok is the king of the fashion TV show, but daytime shows like This Morning also have useful fashion segments that will show you the latest trends and how to wear them. If you can’t catch the show, have a look at the style and beauty section online for highlights.
Hit the Shops
Shops spend a lot of money on their window and in store displays, to make sure that the items work perfectly together. Take advantage and make notes for an easy style that someone else has put the effort into!
It’s easy to find style inspiration, from fashion blogs to celebrity outfits. A few hours spent browsing to get a good idea of the new season’s trends will pay off with a summer wardrobe that works – with not a single panic buy to be found!

*This is a Guest Post

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