#Lotd for Audi Fashion Festival #AFF - Zardoze

I'm sure you have already read my long overdue blogpost on Audi Fashion fest showcasing one of the most wonderful silhouettes that Zardoze featured.
Here's a more in depth take of my #lotd and #ootd for that great event. 
 photo DSC00209-1.jpg
Even though I mentioned that I felt a little dress down at the event site I was happy with how I look before heading out and here's a few close up shots of my makeup and hair. 
 photo DSC00214.jpg
I'm wearing my number 2 favourite contact lens given by Kimmy-GEO Crystal Diamond Pink  (No.1 fav please kindly see here -GEO Bambi Sesame Gray 15.0mm)
Apparently this pair makes my eyes look bigger without overpowering the white spaces and the limba ring looks bold enough to neatly enlarge my eyes without making me look like a sci fi freak.
 photo aliens-et.jpg
(image from google)

My eye makeup is made up of the latest L'Oreal Riche Les Ombres in P2 Tresors Caches,
This is my favourite quads of the lot and with this palette I'm pretty sure I could create many different looks. As you can see the lighter shade of yellow and green (top 2 colours) can go from subtle to a deep sultry look with the dark ribena and that molten grey shade.
For the above look (please look past the 3 freaky aliens) I did my eyes moderately smokey by just giving the outer-V a darker shade. This way I could achieve a pair of deep-sets eyes without making it too overpowering.
 photo DSC06777.jpg

My cheeks I just chose a subtle pink shade, I think I used Jill stuart.
 Can't recall liao hee...
 photo DSC00215.jpg

Last but not least, a closer look at my outfit and hair, I curled them so tight it bounces!
My grey dress is given by Karen Ashley. Karen if you are reading this I'm letting you know that I love all the clothes you gave me and I wore it to many occasions! Woots!
Since I don't have much bling on, I decided pair myself with gold accesso coz thats the safest bet. 
 photo DSC00219.jpg

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Naokawaii said...

I love how this lenses and your favourite one looks on you *^*
<3 <3

Joshua Hideki said...

I like this pink lens!
It looks kinda purple though, probably due to contrast of the natural eye color.

Still, it goes perfectly with your hair, make and all.

You look stunning here!