Reviving Royal Purple with Shunji Matsuo

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I've been asking myself again and again, what shall my next colour be?
 The last time I mentioned about having blue black hair which somehow faded to a mermaid blue seems to receive a fair share of yes and no's, while most people nodded their head exclaiming uniqueness to the faded odd ombre effect, others actually turned away in disgusted. Well, not exactly a disgusted look but trust me I know who are the ones who completely disagree with my coloured tresses.

To be honest I never wanted a ombre effect, All I asked for was to achieve a subtle contrast of black bits at the crown resting on the strong edgy blue underneath. The reason being able to rest my bum at home for a while longer time (as the growth won't be that obvious) before heading back to the salon for touch ups.
While I take my time to grow out the roots, my blue went through harsh conditions in the chlorine pool where I spent the most of my time in Krabi. So it turned out like this.
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After spending a few months of intimate relationship with the above hair colour, I suddenly realised I missed my purple so much I almost lost my appetite. 
So I butt away to the salon and let Justin work on my hair once more. 
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This time round I'm just going back to my 'default' sultry shade, a challenging colour for many yet blends remarkably well with my skin tone, Purple.

Justin working on my hair.
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My regular protocol is to head to the salon, get my hair coloured, document some pics and head home . So my hair is usually blown dry in its own natural shape but this time is different, apparently I'm meeting Silver after the hair session so I figured I should get Justin to play around with the styling a little.

He swept my hair to one end with the other side tied tightly on triple braids and the rest of the hair tonged in romantic curls. I super adore this look because it presents a double personality, strong and edgy on 1 side yet soft and dainty on the other. Omg, so true! me thinks 千变女郎! 

Justing hard at work(as always).
 I realised something, even with that unflattering angle he is dblchin free. 
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With Yvonne, she's particular fond of me and I have no idea why, is nice to feel loved though!
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Shunji San himself. 
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Hair curled in a direction for easy side sweep.
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Is only basic courtesy to camwhore when the restroom mirror is fingerprint free. 
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Later I met Silver and headed over to Ion Paradise Dynasty for dinner.
They served the best Xiao Long Bao ever. To be honest, I'm not a bao lover because it relates too much to my cup size.
Ok truth is, the xiao long bao I've tasted at Ding Tai Fung really sucks max, overdosed of porky smell makes the whole bao stinky. I thought I'll never enjoy another xiao long bao, then along came Paradise and changed my perception of stinky xiao long baos for good. 
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Passed a bag of consolidated gifts I bought from Guangzhou and Korea to Silver. Here she is posing with a lighted hello kitty mini night lamp.
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After the first session of phototaking on Xiao Long Baos, I forgot all about shooting rest of the food.
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Ivan from LJH was with us that day merrymaking and sharing about his korea experience.
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Later we head to my favourite place, 'Sephora' to check out the latest makeup in store.
I was purely there for window shopping until I saw this sephora multi-functional palette Smokey Studio which might come in handy for my makeup classes but I wasn't ready to purchase it because I was keeping true to my window shopping promise even thought I was eyeing at it the whole time.
While I was checking out other makeup, Silver somehow disappear from my vision and reappear with a Sephora Shopping bag.
I was like "wow you are fast! What you buy?" She then handed me the bag and replied "This is for you."
AND To my surprise, it was the same identical palette that I was looking at a while ago. Waolao, I was delighted and paiseh, she must've noticed that I was lemming for it and took the favour to get it for me!
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I've already used this for a couple of times for my makeup lessons and it sure comes in handy, I have more colours than ever to play around with.
Thank you silver.

Last but not least, a wrap up to the post with my purple hair!
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I'm wearing GEO Bambi in Sesame Gray 15.0mm by

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Till next post!
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