Whiten Teeth with INVISALIGN (aligners)

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This will be a quick post on using the Invisalign aligners as a tray for teeth whitening. 

As you know aligners are very much different from conventional braces, they come in trays like these in order to fit the circumference of our teeth. 
 photo aligner.jpg
The good thing about this aligner is that I could whiten my teeth at any point of my Invisalign treatment even with attachments on. Sorry if the one above looks cloudy, I have to say this aligner has been seasoned for almost 2 weeks already. Usually new aligners are pretty clear and transparent.
Like killing 2 birds with one stone, I'm able to whiten and straighten my teeth at the same time. 

Here I have with me Opalescence whitening paste 20% that comes in a syringe like this. 
You can choose to purchase it from ebay or from Orchard Scotts Dental clinic, they are sold in a package of 4 syringes.
 photo syring.jpg
I got mine at a much cheaper rate from ebay, I know some sellers from ebay don't do shipping of dental items like these to Singapore probably because of stringent rules in pharmaceutical products, So please do a thorough check before adding it to cart.
Also Paste/gel comes in 10%, 15%, 20% and 35% respectively depending on the level of your sensitivity.

If you have sensitive teeth to start with, go for a lower percentage in whitening. 

This should be used before bed time because is recommend to wear the aligner/whitening tray(if you have any) at least 8 hours straight for the gel to take effect. 
Also it should have minimum contact with water. 
So wash up, brush your teeth, use a clean tissue to dab your teeth and gums dry before fitting the aligners on. 
 photo paste.jpg
 photo cottonaid.jpg

 photo wisdomteeth.jpg

How to dispense product onto Invisalign tray:

Step 1- squeeze a pee size amount at the front set of teeth(8 in total) that includes your front teeth(central incisor) to the first pre-molar, whitening paste should stop from first molar onwards. The reason why is because the rest of the teeth are not visible so there is no point is whitening those areas unless you are anal like you die die want full set of white teeth.

Step 2- To ensure tooth is evenly covered with the whitening paste, use a Q-tip to spread the sticky paste on the entire 'front' surface of your aligner. 

And you can now fit the aligners onto your teeth!
image from Google Search--->

You should use the paste everyday straight for 1 entire week, thereafter once a week for 4 weeks. 
When you have complete the above session, use it as and when you needed a revival of white on your teeth.
The above recommended usage is based on my personal experience.

Word of Caution: The don'ts
  •  people that deal with tooth sensitivity should avoid using too much of this paste. I've experienced bad tingling sensation the very next day, even drinking plain water was difficult for me. 
  • do not exceed 12 hours of wearing, this will prolong the sensitivity.
*The important DON'TS
  • DO NOT squeeze the paste/gel directly onto your teeth because is not meant for consuming, my mom once requested me to squeeze the gel directly onto her dentures!!! I was like man, no way! I'll be arrested for homicide.
  • also DO NOT get obsessed with whitening and exceed the above recommended usage. This will cause long-term sensitivity which you will definitely regret in time. 

slight stained teeth but is much whiter than before and it shows up really good in full scale photos.
 photo teethalmostperfect.jpg

With aligners on, pardon my blotchy face, that's the after effect of squeezing blackheads. 
 photo withaligner.jpg
Alternatively if you wished to seek professional advice, do give a call to my dentist Dr Ronnie Yap at Orchard Scotts Dental:

Address: 501 Orchard Road Wheelock Place #05-08 Singapore 238880

Contact No. : +65 6732 9939

*Take note of the opening hours, you might have to take time off /leave if you are a working adult (with a day job):
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 0900 - 1800
Sat 0900 - 1300
Sun/Public Holidays Closed

Hope my review is useful to all who wished to get whiter teeth! 


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*This is a sponsored treatment however Whitening Gel is purchase by me.
*The cost for invisalign treatment varies from $6000-$8000 depending on individual (case by case basis)

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