[Review] Ascience Treatment Water, Milk and Oil

(Ok, The first sentence is going to be very random because I can't think of any new ideas to start this post with, fyi I'm suffering from post Brain-raped syndrome by the keys of my Macbook after converting from Windows. Given my condition, any grammar or typo malfunction should be forgiven and please accept my sincere apologies if I act like a teenage girl.)

 (Thank you, Lets start.) 

Oh My Gawd! Can't believe I'm blogging at this ungodly hour and Look! check out what I've in my hands? 
A bundle full of hair products from Ascience!
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 photo DSC00059.jpg
I love hair package especially when I get leave-on-treatment products because hassle free is the key to Lazy Singaporeans like me.
I have low tolerance for Rinse-off hair treatment that needs to wait 10 mins or longer, there are just limitations to what I can do in the loo besides shaving my legs. So a better alternative is leaving it on and letting the product do its magic. 

Going back to Asience, I've with me 3 different types of leave-on hair product that is specially catered for different hair conditions starting from the mildest format (right to left) :

ASIENCE Leave-On Treatment Water (200ml) $14.90
Light as water, it instantly repairs and retains moisture without weighing your hair down.

ASIENCE Leave-On Treatment Milk (100ml) $14.90
Nourishing yet non-greasy, it instantly repairs and retains moisture to keep hair beautifully soft and healthy.

ASIENCE Leave-On Treatment Oil (28ml) $14.90
Concentrated yet non-oily, it intensively repairs and retains moisture to keep hair glossy and healthy.

*Ascience leave-on Treatment oil is my Top Favourite which I will talk more in a bit.

ASIENCE Leave-On Treatment Water (200ml) 
 photo DSC00064.jpg
 photo DSC00082.jpg
Light weight is not the only key feature to this product, it carries a mild floral fragrance that keeps my hair sweet smelling the entire day. I get 'stinky head' pretty often (please don't as y, just treat it as I like to stick my head in the toilet bowl) and like a stone killing 2 birds, this sure comes in handy when I need to rehydrate my hair at the same time leaving them lightly scented.

Even though is recommend to use it on Towel dried or damp hair, I believe is entirely fine to spritz a little energy on my dry hair as and when is needed. 
 photo DSC00069.jpg

However, do avoid pulling the trigger directly at your face else, I'm not liable if you magically transformed into a bitter-gourd...
 photo DSC00083.jpg
Ok jokes aside, if product gets into eyes just rinse with water.

ASIENCE Leave-On Treatment Milk (100ml)
 photo DSC00149.jpg
I swear my chin naturally sharpened when I do a gentle pout, therefore I'm announcing that this shall be my default look for future photos.

This milky substance relates very much like facial cleansing milk, it gives my hair that needed moisture yet not over greasing the hair. Unlike some leave-on products that makes the hair clumped together, Ascience leave-on treatment milk keeps my hair feeling soft and fluffy without the need to look cluster-phobic.  
 photo DSC00153.jpg

 photo DSC00158.jpg
 photo DSC00161.jpg
My 2 step method to maximise the usage of this product:
Step 1- Divide hair into 2 sections, pump 2-3 times of product and run them through the hair starting from middle all the way to the hair ends.
Step 2 - With the remaining products on your hands twirl your hair in-between your fingers like how a girl would play with her hair.

However, this is not the best product in treating my hair.
I got to agree on giving hydration but unfortunately is 'not enough to feed my appetite', says hair.

ASIENCE Leave-On Treatment Oil (28ml)
 photo DSC00108.jpg
This, is the best product for my hair.

Everyone that surfs my blog knows I love switching hair colours; from red to purple to blue and now back this sultry shade.
And we all know that constant chemical treatment is very damaging for the hair ends. Agree not ombre lovers?
So oil formula seems to work best for my level of condition.

From here, you can see a significant difference after application, hair looks tamer and less frizzy. 
 photo DSC00109.jpg

A close-up of the difference. 
 photo DSC00110.jpg
I'm pursuing an arrest warrant on anyone that is guilty of looking at anything else except my hair, this is not a case study for underdeveloped adults.

Now to balance out the the other side.
Like putting on makeup, we don't head out with only half the face drawn.
 photo DSC00129.jpg

My hair seems to revive after applying the treatment oil, hair indeed feels smoother and more manageable.
I also noticed that it gives is a tinge of additional shine after application *cues hair commercial*
 photo DSC00135.jpg
Nothing makes me happier than having a good hair day!


Thumbs up for my page :D

*ASIENCE Leave-On Treatment range retails at $14.90 and is available from April’2013 at selected hypermarkets, supermarkets and pharmacies.
*This is a Sponsored Post.


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Carrie said...

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Will check it out whether this is available in Msia too.