[Swatches] Maybelline's Tattoo 24hour liner

I'm sure  you have seen my previous post regarding the efficiency of the Maybelline 24hour liner.
This time round I have some swatches for you and a short review on each colour I have on hand.
In order to reflect the true colour of these shades, my swatches are almost unedited exposing my raw unpolished skin and maybe a strand or two un-groomed brows. So bear with me here alright?

Here's are the respective colours in summary:
Tenacious Teal (a soft green shade) 
Bold Gold
(a rusty gold shade)
Edge Emerald
(an electric blue shade)
Tough as Taupe (a brown rock shade)

Tenacious Teal
 photo green.jpg
This green is very soft almost mystical, as if you will only get to see in a magical forest.
A slightly cooler shade of green definitely doesn't bring down the warm in me.

Bold Gold
 photo gold.jpg
To be honest, my eyes are like a royalty suit up in expensive goldware even though is just eyeshadow. The light reflects a strong sparkle that really lived up to its name 'BOLD' Gold. This is great for highlights and as a base colour.

Edge Emerald
 photo blue.jpg
A strong electric blue that never fails to standout among the crowd, in this case eyeshadows.
What I like about this is, I can created bold defined line with this blue in contrast to other colours. I could foresee a lot of blue coming from this collection appearing in my make of the day.

Tough as Taupe
 photo taupe.jpg
Very matte, somewhat neutral yet not really so. I have to say this shade is a little hard to handle, I can see this shade peeking through many other colours usually as a base or just the outer V corners of the eyes. I'm not sure what can I do with this yet but definitely I'll work out something somehow.

Here is a mixture of all of the colours except Tough as Taupe, it seems like the shade of rock is almost impossible to fit in this family of royalty, So I seek help with my usual black eye shadows instead.
 photo combineclrs2.jpg
 photo combineclrs.jpg

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You rock in EVERY COLOR!!!!!