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Like many Singaporeans, I get victimized constantly by sensitive and unbearable skin.
The common culprit? 'Eczema', mother of all depleted skin.
My periodical date with sensitivity is something that I'm least looking forward to especially when I'm getting ready for a big date. I can't put makeup or it'll get worse (yes on my face!), sometimes is so bad that I can't helped but scratch with intensity to relief the itch, resulting that area to be red and sore thereafter. 

I was delighted when Curel approached me to review their products because unlike other skincare in the market where main concentration is focus on the cosmetic appearance like collagen boost or reducing of pigments, Curel targets the primary cause of skin irritation using perfectly safe ingredients that is hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, colorant-free and alcohol free.

To be honest, I have no major blemish that I need to worry about therefore baring my face here like in the comfort of my home.
But, yes But, there is always a catch to everything, god has forgotten to give me ample supply of  Ceramide, a protective outer layer that prevents skin from dryness and irritation.

Here are some of the Major concerns I faced:

Constant dry cracked lips. Check out the outer folds of my lips, I fall prey to cold sores all the time.

See that outer V of my eyes? One of the most vulnerable part of the body that has faced dry and itchy skin.

Spider Veins on my Cheeks, now u know I'm not Thick Skin, literally.
When my skin gets aggravated, I tend to use harsh motion to rub or scratch my face causing more damage blood vessels like these, and indirectly result to more visible broken veins.

Like I've mentioned earlier, the lack of Ceramide could cause skin to be vulnerable against its surroundings because skin is unable to retain moisture and function properly like a natural barrier. Thus the loss of Ceramide could result skin in becoming more prone to sensitivity.
Curel's face cream has the highest Ceramide concentration in the market, its Ceramide functioning ingredient helps to replenishes the skin's moisture. It is now able to fill up areas between skin cells giving it room to shield against harsh irritation.

To test it's efficiency, I've been using Curel (Curel Moisture Face Milk and Curel Intensive Moisture Cream) for a good 2 weeks in conjunction with my other Basic Skincare (Toner and Sunscreen) and I have to say I'm mostly pleased with it.

Curel Moisture Face Milk 120ml $32.80


Comes in a pump bottle, the product oozes like any other conventional milk cleanser except a little more runny and less opaque.
With no added alcohol, I can trust this product to handle my skin mildly yet intense penetration to pump Ceramide into the proper layers of my skin.

It is very true that this Moisture Face Milk has no smell at all, yes absolutely fragrance free. The only scent I could make out if I hover my hand over my nose (and mouth) is a very faint floral trail.
What I like about most is the texture, very light and the absorbency is quicker than diapers, I could almost immediately put on my next step of skin care right after this.

However, despite having said that, this fast absorbent face milk leaves a very friction after-feel on my skin. It is neither sticky nor yucky but just a weird touch which I don't really enjoy.
(With its light texture, the product sets quickly even before I could capture on camera.)

Curel Intensive Moisture Cream 40g $38.80


This pint size jar consist of nothing but powerful ingredients to boost the Ceramide in our skin.

Unlike the Face Milk, the fragrance could be detected even from the jar. However, in comparison to my other skincare, the scent still belongs to the faintest range.
To practice hygiene, I used a Q-tip to get the product out of the jar before letting it get contact with my skin.

It has richer viscosity as compared to the Face milk yet it works the same way, product gets absorbed really fast.I was expecting a even more frictional base feel to this cream because it has richer density in terms of colour and the thickness, oh boy was I surprise!
The after-feel is completely opposite compared to the Face Milk, no 'weird' feeling is detected and infact it leaves a feathery touch after application, something that I majorly enjoy.
(product looks rich but it gives an excellent velvety feel to the skin)
My skin is well protected from sensitivity and irritation for the whole of 2 weeks during the use of Curel, it manages to control the recurrence of eczema that has been the biggest hindrance since 10 years ago when my skin started acting up.
Due to it's pH Balanced formula that is most gentle for the skin, I'm looking to purchase their "Moisture Eye Zone Essence" for my eyes.
The risk of skin thinning using of prescribed 'steroid cream' is now officially over. Photobucket
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'Lets chorus and celebrate undisturbed skin for many years to come.'


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