[Make] Harajucute Diamond Beauty Part 2/2

I have a problem setting the default photo for this blogpost because all my looks are equally creditable (definitely not delusional),  it came to a decision when I finally realized a happy face is the key to capturing hearts, in this case yours, Dblchinis. Therefore here's a Fantastic Picture with zero zits + signature slight smile to kickstart this post.

Incase you haven't notice, this is the sequel to my last HarajuCute post featuring Diamond Beauty Products. The last one was more like an initial review featuring a Look of the day for Maybelline's Colour tattoo event while this post, recreating a look found together in my Diamond Beauty goodies.

With my cross over purple hair and side-do (coz I couldn't find a Panama Straw hat so I compensated with my friend's handmade floral hair clip instead, gorgeous isn't it?), I thought I'd pretty much achieved the look cept that I suck at lip pouting, I can't do a proper duck face even you give me millions.

I noticed that the model is using a brown honeycomb colour contacts for that look, I must say that the contact lens are pretty similar to the shade of her hair. So since is a not direct copy more like an inspirational look (everything I say one lol), I told myself I shall find something compatible to my hair colour too!
But blue contacts, hmm... might seems a little is too harsh for this...and also my house no blue at the moment and I very urgent want to do this look, so I decided to tone it down with Freshkon Color Fusion in Shimmering Grey

Top and bottom lash are bought in China, Guangzhou. I'm not sure where to get the exact same ones in singapore but FacesbySarah recommended me some good places to get Taiwanese/China falsies, you may want to check them out-> PALz and Enamour at Far East Plaza /Bugis Village.

For my bottom falsies, I'm not keen on sticking on the entire strip to avoid looking too unnatural. To speed up and help to ease the sticking process, I cut them into small sections and stick them part by part. It makes my job simpler, by doing it this way the sections definitely blends better with my natural lash.

I've decide to go a bright peachy shade to bring out the sweetness for this look. Initially I was trying out Strawberry Milk LSS595 from NYX only to realize it was way too pink to go along with that orange blush from DB. So in the end I turned to Mira Hydro Shine Lips in Sheer Pinky (given by GraciousGlamour) which is slightly more towards the coral family.

To achieve my hair colour be sure to look for my trusty colourist Justin @ Shunji Matsuo Salon:
391 Orchard Road #05-23,
Ngee Ann City Podium B
Singapore 238872
Appointments: (65) 62381522, (65) 62381514

Products Used:
Eyes- i Nuovi eyecake Hematite, Kate e/s BR-1 , DB Cream Shadow 03 Brilliant Gold,
Face - Kate Powderless Liquid for COVER OC-C
Cheeks- DB Cream Cheek 04 Pure Orange, DB Cheek 03 Honey Orange,
- Mira Hydro Shine Lips in Sheer PinkyEyes- Top falsies/ Bottom Falseis (see above pic),Dolly Wink lash glue black, Kate
- DB Princess Nose


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