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Hey Dblchinis,

I guess aside from clearing all the backlog blogposts, I'll try to avoid doing too much reviews in the future. The purpose of this blog is engage more with you readers, to show a more personal side of me. To share more in-depth contents that interest you and me.
I think I've gone a little too commercial that I've probably lost a bit of myself. I would still very much welcome cosmetic sponsorship into this blog because I know that is where my forte is at, painting colours on an empty canvas, this case my face.
I want to do more OOTD and LOTD which I enjoyed very much and I'm sure is something you acknowledge too. I've been doing a lot of soul searching recently and thus the absence of my presence on this platform. Thanks for being there for me as always..

Now back to sharing the latest product from the market
"For Beloved One"
I receive a total of 3 full size products for review, Very healthy looking packaging, clean cut and  literal straight forward name 'Beloved'. To love one's skin.

Hyaluronic Acid Tri-Molecules Moisturizing Serum S$23.50
Like every other serum, this comes in a smaller bottle size of 17ml, tinier than other skincare agents.
It is usually more concentrated and thick.
Serum is very important in locking the skin with moisture, this way it helps to combat fine lines and premature wrinkles.
This product penetrates easily into the skin to reach to the deeper layers and manages to retain moisture for as long as it takes.
It feels much lighter compared to my other serums and the absorbency is superb, less than a minute it has already sets itself into my skin.

Extreme Hydration Treatment Toner S$54.00
Suitable for dry/sensitive skin
This is a high performance toner that Locks in moisture inside the skin.
This pale pink bottle contains 5% of excellent Hyaluronic Acid that is able to absorb 800 times of water molecules. Makes skin supple and shine from within.
It has a mild floral scent and pours out like the consistency of normal drinking water.

Extreme Hydration Moisture Surge Cream S
For Beloved One introduces the very first hydration moisture cream on the basis of “Minerals Treatment” in the area of medicated cosmetic.
It contains malachite extracts which enriches with Copper element. It can moisturize for a long period, mitigate the phenomenon of water-lacking and vitalize the skin.

Very Mouse like touch to on the product even thought the content looks pretty opaque and creamy.
It smells really refreshing like the ocean water and looks like there's a huge load of effort put into the  packaging.

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Anonymous said...

Your post sounds like Silver Ang's 8 October's post....

dblchin (double chin) said...

@anony IKR! Great minds thinks alike!