Les Affaires Autumn Launch- Private Photoshoot

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Hi Dblchinis.
I was given a cash $60 voucher from Les Affaires during their collab event with ZA and purchased a lovely pastel blue laced lingerie. So then I decide to go for it and did a sensual shoot with my personal and very private photographer.
 Judging from the response (of the pic) I've posted on my Facebook page ('like' me there!!!), I believed the turn out was pretty tasteful without looking too porno. I hope I'm not too wrong about that.
Here are the rest of the pics, enjoy.




Thank you Les Affaires and ZA for the wonderful opportunity, the present moment. 
Me in this 10 years down the road? I shall direct you imagination to orange peel.

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♥ Natalie said...

Amazingly beautiful!! wow <3
You look so full of class, beautiful!!


akj said...

Looooove the b/w picture. You look incredible. Wish I had married you before someone else did T_T

Jen said...

Not pornographic at all. I love these photos. you have such an amazing body and such lovely taste in lingerie! <3 Flaunt it baby! :D

나니 said...

WOW.. just.. WOW D': You look amazing!

Regina said...

You look soooo sexy! I love all the pictures!