[Fashion] My Purchase at Verve Avenue

Hey dblchinis.
I visited a store at Changi Airport Terminal 3 a while ago & wanted to talk more about it.
The reason is not only about checking out the clothes that they are selling, no nothing out of the world like lady gaga meat dress of any sort.
The interesting thing about this fashion store is, it is taken care by a bunch of students. If I'm not wrong, they are probably doing modules that is closely related to retail servicing.
So it kinda serves as a life laboratory for their class lessons.
Singapore is getting richer in innovation, thumbs up for that.
So I thought is pretty interesting & you guys should check the store out.
Side note: The store assistants aka students are really friendly and nice, go talk to them and give them a light boost if they have done well.

These are my purchases, a mint coloured hoodie & a mid waist jeans.

$24.50 after disc
Is not like cheap cheap but I think is pretty worth the price.

Fits perfectly,
I always have a hard time finding my Jean size, this is one of the reasons I rarely put on denim jeans.

Side zip

After disc is $12, more than 50% off, swee~


Majorly love the drawstring at the waist, is pretty lightweight for Singapore's weather.
I'm wearing this for Genting tomorrow, I need an outerwear thought, the sheer clothing is not going to keep my warm!

Cya soon!!!
Hope I get Wifi in Genting!

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Missa said...

whoa i would love to visit that store! do they make the clothes themselves? how cool is that. i wish i could travel all around Singapore!