Attempting to look like Kumi Koda

Hi Dblchinis.
I give zero creativity to my blog title, can't think of any other reason that requires common sense to lure you here.

You have come to yet another episode of self obsessed photos, welcome.

I've been told by some people that I look like Kumi Koda.

I'm like koala who???
I like Japanese Fashion, food, people but pardon my ignorance I really dunno who she is until I googled her name. Apparently Kumi Koda is this Japanese Pop Star that is mega super famous in Japan and just given birth to a baby boy. *maternal instincts alert*
So then I've recently started to take interest in her and went online to collected a bunch of her photos hoping it could come to use one day.

True enough today is the day.
I've decided to alter some of her poses to my own pose la.

like dis.
The reason I didn't place my thumb near my mouth is because I've got unbelievably shit ugly nails but maybe I will try this thumb-in-mouth someday.
Boy, I need a manicure badly.

Actually the rest of the photos... Look nothing close to Kumi Koda, you have been taken for a ride.
I can smell assassins like now.
Y u no Kumi Koda?

Love this render, gives my lips a dusty plum look. sultry.

This one nothing la, just thick lips over my facebook and Twitter. Michelle Phan Inspired

I desaturated this photo for only one reason, to act as a cover up on that ugly singlet that is peeking on my shoulder. fml I just blew my cover.


Mickey said...

That is so coo that you look a like.
I totally love Koda Kumi. She is my rolemodel. When ever I hear her music I get more confident.

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Sara said...

You do look alike! Both very pretty and I love your makeup looks!!!

U r stunning!

나니 said...

You don't look alike to me. You're much prettier :)

Anna said...

You do look a little like her, but I can't believe you didn't know who she was. You know Ayu, though, do you, lol?

Hot pictures, I love red lipstick on you!

Carrie said...

You're prettier than Koda Kumi! Koda Kumi sizzles because of her sex appeal!

Hazel said...

u r pretty!!