Polaroid films from Gmarket

Hi Dblchinis,

People keep asking me where I got these Polaroid films even though I've tweeted this a megazillion times that I've gotten them from (formerly known as) gmarket.

But U know I'm nice like that therefore I'm sharing where I got these Polaroid films from.

I got it for a bundle package of 10 packs for S$69.90 on an average it is selling around S$9/S$10 per pack (plain film)

Link here:


2x film is packed into 1 box, so I received 5 boxes in total.

Do also take note of the expiry date written on the packaging.
Shelf life is relatively long, ample time for me to finish them!

For assurance and quality, Polaroid film is made in Japan.

You can actually opt without box so as to redeem a free gift, coz the box is an additional weight to the shipment.
But I dowan free gift. Security is priority, I want to make sure that my stuff comes untampered & so no free gift for me :(

Order was placed on the 16th, payment thru 17th, shipped/mailed out on 18th
And I've received it Today Via reg mail (26th)
It took ard 10 days from order to receipt of items, pretty fast I must say!

Can't believe I blog on the go, thank me Dblchinis & gd night!

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