Bellabox APRIL 2012

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Hi dblchinis!
I can never get enough of goodies coming my way, I yet to blog about this April Edition of BellaBox, May was already in my hands.
Indeed is a pocket full of sunshine.
Indulgence for my delicate soft skin,
Try not to believe when People tell u my skin very thick, actually is not exactly true. (fuck those idioms!)
If you look closely, u can see moneyplant-like stems peeking through the superficial layer of my skin.
Those are spider veins I had since young :(
'Fragile, handle with care' is often spelled across my forehead.

ok random rant, now to introduce April's goodies'

Benefit Cosmetics Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation.
(epically long name for a product, type until my middle finger cramp)
(Available in 30ml S$54.00, benefit counters & Sephora)
This liquid foundation not only brightens the skin but provides a beautiful natural coverage.

It is
with SPF25 PA+++

Oil free products means less greasy face at the end of the day, I often look like my mum's frying pan when I get home from work.
Time to give this a try!

Kinohimitsu Collagen Drink
(50ml X 6 $39.90)
Guess the number of spelling errors when I tried to type the first word.
ok never mind.
An instant collagen drink that helps to plump up skin, making it look smoother firmer & healthier

No additive is thumbs up but word of caution, usually when a product has no preservatives the shelf-life is pretty limited.

Enavose H2Osis Black Tea Quench Mask
(50ml S$59.50 Suntec and Tangs Vivocity)

Quench = hydration
Nuff Said.
This little thing does so much for the hydrated skin giving it moisture and with the use of Kombucha Tea, it provides vitality to replenish the skin~

Maison Francis Kurdjian
(70ml at S$215.00 Essentials Paragon)
I love Fragrances, it carries the mood of how I'm feeling today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the day after tomorrow's tomorrow & the day after the......
Not that I need perfume nor deodorant to get by u know what I mean?

This particular Fragrance carries a mix of Orange Flower, Cedar wood & Yilang Yilang Flower which is one of my favourite scent.

Lemongrass House shower Gel
(120ml $9, 260ml $18 at Liang Court, Somerset, 12 Katong, Raffles City)

Cept for my face, the rest of my body is like a desert, this body has pure rose absolute oil that helps nourish the skin keeping it moist and fresh. Loving how is Vegetable Based & Fragrance Free.

That's the April Box, enjoy~

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