The Good Life with Standard Chartered

Hi Dblchinis!

Ever thought that life Could b a click away? Ha, yes I forgot life is indeed a click away, look at social media.
Mark zukerdhtfgjdxgfdsgjIDUNNOHOWOSPELL has made the earth smaller using Facebook. Is like comforting to know, based on their status XXX frd in this part of the world is still pink in health n digging her nose like a gold mine.

However, I'm not gonna talk about wonderful facebook is, instead I'm going share something similar on your apple gadget; the good life app from standard chartered.

I attended the standard chartered event held last week at a fine dining restaurant bar Stellar 1-Altitude.
(1 Raffles Place S048616, former UOB centre)

My Getup of the day

That Envelope bag goes chic and classy with different outfits, 1 size fits all occasion.
(See here)

62 storeys above ground level with spectacular view makes good food excellent.
Free wifi somemore, anywhere with Internet is awesome & that includes my home toilet.

We started out session by this special mixed of pre-appetizer, seriously I'm not foodie expert so I have no clue whats correct term for this (because it came before the appetizer) but I'm glad to receive education from you dblchinis.

Kicking start the event with introduction of The good Life App.
The Good Life App offers exclusive perks and discounts from participating merchants of Standard Chartered card holders.
You get to enjoy Free coupons on mondays with their 'I loveFree monday' section, all you need to do is based on what offered is shown on that 'particular' monday The Good Life app, go down to the participating outlet, flash your card and the coupon code on ur iGadget & u get to enjoy the free something!

This is the Appetizer, ok is a mixed seafood with alcohol.
Seafood, yes
Alcohol, no

If I were to add this in my resume:
My Greatest strength and weakness is camwhore.

Fish is the healthiest form of food.

White chocolate for dessert.

With Crystal great meeting u hunny~

Hurry! Download your app now~


Fanny said...

like your outfit ^^

나니 said...

You look ADORABLE! Love your lashes : D and noms noms noms food porn!