Bellabox- Feburary Valentine goodies

Bellabox is always love dblchinis!
can't believe I received such a awesome box of goodies!
Actually this box was snt in february, valentines package but thats ok.
I might as well be fashionably late than to produce pixelated pictures with lousy content.

I believe I'll b forgiven if u get see what I'm featuring this time round.
Y must put sucha cute heart-shaped sticker.
Girls cfm will fall for it! is a trap!

This time round, a wrapped up item in pink and a set of Ansley gel liner & e/s

I have to say I go crazyy when I see makeup more than skin care.
*screams eyeshadow*
- vial of DKNY Pure Verbena
-Belif Hydra Sebum Control Essence 10 ml
-Duchess Marden Body Serum 4 ml
-NVey Eco Eyeshadow Single refill pan

Featuring the main product of the month.

Ansley Pure Pop Superstar Eyeshadow and Eyeliner


Comes with a handy brush too!
But u know a woman's purse is like garbage land, contains 101 things, so it would b better if this entire set comes with a mini pouch.
This way the ladies don't need to fumble thru their bags twice.

Duo eyeshadow in metal green and white respectively.

And a pot of gel liner right at the bottom!

Hydra sebum control essence
Drop bottle for body scrub
I haven't started using this yet but I will soon.
Is a pretty raved about akin care.

Thats all I have for Feb Bellabox~


Mickey said...


Wish you could show me your nails they look pretty.

Please visit my nail blog

sugar sugar said...

the products look promising! :)

我是贝比@baby said...

wow~Awesome, remember to share ur experience after u use these products. hehe..