Invisalign Updates- my teeth are so straight!!!

Sponsored treatment

Hey hi dblchinis!!!!!!

Is another update on Invisalign once again!

I think all of you are going get a little gross out looking at my mouth but I'm sorry u dblchinis need a taste of what I'm going through!

Actually there is nothing frightening about looking at the inside of a mouth unless it is darn crooked like Months ago!

Check out the little arrows that shows overcrowding areas before the treatment, some tooth are wickedly pushed backward, no room for everyboardy!
But after months of treatment, can u see a huge difference?
Everything is migrating Slowly in line like Army recruits falling-in onto the parade square like that.

I'm truly blessed to get sponsored for this treatment, I've never thought of taking any action on my major bad teeth because my poor old concept is that u need to extract 5 or more tooth to string them in line & extraction is like tattooing the word ' My name is dblchinn' on my arms, yes both the pain and spelling error for life.

so braces?
too far painful for an option.

I'm so glad for invisalign, is a less painful way of getting my teeth straighten.
I mean tell me, how many people can get to do this for free??? Except for Xiaxue *salute*

So I'm thankful, for real.

Eversince I'm on invisalign, I started to notice the composition of others teeth, before that I srsly couldn't care even if you have alligator mouth
not that I care very much now that yours is still a gator mouth and but yea I tend to notice more.

So that's the vast difference I've experience, sub-conscious judging.

Without the indication of arrows you can now play spot the difference.

There are people who r seriously silly enuf to asked me, 'hey does it work huh' when I explained the treatment cost between 6 to 8K.

HEllooooooooo!!! the treatment is 6 thousand to 8 FREAKING THOUSAND DOLLARS, u expect it not to work?

Of course provided you go to a reputable dentist

I'm luckyto ger sponsored Trustee like Orchard Scotts Dental.
They are platinum provider of invisalign, I've gotta say they live up the their name with veteran dentist and staffs that constantly going for courses to upgrade themselves, awesome service (well... with a few missed schedule) & warm welcome by the staff.

I swear they never pay me to write that, I always hear people gg for courses, gg for dental meetings when I'm there for my dental visits.
self-upgrading deserves a thumbs up.

My brother's gf had her conventional braces done at some dodgy clinic and it turn out to be a major terror! I'll find out and let u guys know so she (the dentist) won't get to earn ur $.

This is how I look with the aligners on

Woooo... The stretch is wicked!

All these little bubbles that protrude out are molded to fit the attachments on my mouth.

Even my teeth are not completely straighten, aligned, uniformed... U can actually see a vast difference when Camwhoriong with my mouth slightly ajar.
I guess the next time I blog about this I'll b close to my end of treatment.

Once again, If you have any other questions pertaining to invisalign or other dental queries, do not hesitate to contact

( INVISALIGN platinum provider)

at the following:
501 Orchard Road
Wheelock place #05-08
Singapore 238880
Tel: +65 67329939

Till then!


*Though this INVISALIGN treatment is fully sponsored, every word on this blog entry expresses my own honest thoughts and opinion.


Nicola said...

this is very interesting - i can definitely see results - myself i had ceramics - i wouldn't change it for the world. you are very lucky that you didn't need to extract any teeth - i had 4 teeth removed! looking forward to seeing finally results :)

Anonymous said...

oops Nicola is me btw! sorry wrong profile..

Hayley said...

Wow, interesting! I believe our teeth is important, cause we always smile ma~ haha :P

Fern Li said...

wow that costs alot ><"
i already had braces..but i wish i got that done instead haha xD

♥Mishi à la mode♥ said...

My teeth are relatively straight except for.. ONE! it annoys the heck out of me but $6-8K is soooo expensive. I am still in that debating stage but I love how nicely it turned out on you!

Anna said...

Wow really, really good :D I'm so happy for you, must be an amazing feeling!

Uma Preve said...

They look great. I am thinking of getting mine done too but I am quite afraid of the pain involved. Like the headaches and the braking of my wisdom teeth.

FacesBySarah said...

im so happy for you clara!! u looked gorgeous before but now u look gorgeous PLUS more confident when u smile! ♥


♥ Ani~熊貓 ♥ said...

yay! really happy for you, they are amazing!

The GUILTY HYENA said...

I can imagine you're really pleased with the results huh!! I think I'm gonna kind of miss your old look and smile :)

Jen said...

Amazing results! :o
I'm contemplating on getting these or braces - i think these cost slightly more in NZ though .. like almost 10K :(
I'm glad you still got all your teeth and none have to be pulled out! others i know who have had their teeth straightened requires teeth pulled out T_T

hinsdale dentist said...

The results are great to see that the procedure aligned the teeth.

William said...

It's nice that your teeth are actually improving. I hope you update us always with what's happening with your teeth.

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kansas city dentist said...

Consult with a dentist to make sure you have proper maintenance after the operation.

downers grove dentist said...

It shows just how the teeth got aligned through the procedure.

oklahoma dentist said...

It's all about having the right kind of procedure for your teeth.

cheap orthodontics said...

Dental procedures help in making your teeth look good.

andreafox21 said...

You can clearly see the difference between the before and after photos. I gotta try this out for myself.

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Brake said...

That's a perfect subsitute for braces.
dentist melbourne

Amarant said...

I'm glad it worked out well for you. You look so much better now, no kidding!

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dental consultant said...

Most dentists I know recommend it since the aligners are removable. This decreases dental decay, and also allows for normal brushing and flossing.

dentist in fredericksburg va said...

Invisalign does more than straighten teeth. It allows for better oral hygiene since there are no brackets to trap food or plaque.

Louis said...

I would be happy if you give us more updates about the treatment you're having. I would love to know the result.

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dentist Sydney city said...

It's great that you found a dental product that works for you. You have healthier teeth, and look better too!

affordable health insurance said...

Invisalign will work. I have had severe crowding on the bottom and crooked on the top. I've had my tops for a few months and just started on the bottom after having a tooth extracted. It works but you have to wear them all the time unless you're eating. I drink everything while they're in and brush 3 times a day. No staining problems. The only real pain is the first day of a new tray. The urge to bite down is somewhat annoying but that goes away after your teeth adjust and move with the new tray. The mental anguish of having a bad smile is way more pain than what invisalign can give even on your worst day. I'm 42 and I look forward to each new tray. I'm one more closer to a great smile

4rx said...

I love invisalign too since it is almost invisible and very convenient too.

Ron Receveur said...

Many people are now preferring Invisalign procedure than braces. That's because you will have instant results that braces cannot give.

mini implants said...

I used invisalign before and it's a perfect dental appliance that I've ever known so far. It corrected the alignment of my teeth without any trace of visible dental brace. I loved invisalign but I had to say goodbye to it. I'm very thankful to invisalign, my teeth are straighter now.

fredericksburg dentist said...

We are hoping that as Invisalign treatments will go cheaper, more patients will prefer this than getting a brace. It is more convenient and just as effective.

cosmetic dentist sydney said...

Invisalign is one of the best dental appliances that treat dental defects. I was able to wear invisalign before and it gave me great results. I love my teeth now., They are straight and perfectly beautiful.

Anne said...

Invisaligns are the best alternatives for traditional dental braces. It's as if you're wearing nothing. It gives you a natural look while continuously treating dental problems. dc cosmetic dentist

George Smith said...

Your teeth looks great. I prefer invisalign than braces. With regular braces, you may experience pain and discomfort. Glad someone sponsored you. You're very lucky!

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Anonymous said...

They are platinum provider of invisalign, I've gotta say they live up the their name with veteran dentist and staffs that constantly going for courses to upgrade themselves, awesome service.
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Mary Zwick said...

I used to have a crooked teeth then my dentist advised me to use clear braces so it wouldn’t be so obvious for people to see that I’m using braces.

Steve Wilson said...

My daughter had a crooked teeth too. Two years ago she had an Invisalign from Invisalign Manhattan Beach. She just removed it a month ago and it was all perfect. Although, there was some white spots but that was expected according to our Dentist. We have a whitening solution for that and hopefully it will be gone soon. Thanks for this post, you are so pretty like all Asian women are.

Adam Ross said...

Wow! Congratulations for getting your teeth aligned. You know, i saw a lot of Asian women having crooked teeth for fashion. Its true, i was surprised actually when a young Japanese girl asked me at my clinic Adult Orthodontic Gainsville GA.if i could provide a special braces to make teeth crooked, i was surprised! when i researched it on the internet, i found out its true. It's really weird! heheh.

Anonymous said...

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invisalign@mydentist said...

Looks great, you have very well documented the procedure with before & after pictures of your invisalign braces. Your orthodontist did a great job.

dental delivery units said...

wow.That's so great.