Low back dress by Bridgettbelle Blogshop

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Hi dblchinis.

Valentine's is approaching, thought I show this to you all.
The soft romantic look to match with Bridgettbelle Fayette Dress
That is fully manufactured by them.
I've received mine in Navy & I think I Act l0ook very Nu Ren in this dress.

Because is sexy low back, you can charm your valentines this year with your back facing him while dining in a restaurant, cfm kena Stomp the next day.
You can tie a Back or from bow up to your personal preference.
Please DO NOT ATTEMPT TO WEAR A BRA With back strap,
use a 'Nu' bra or something coz Normal bra will definitely show the unflattering bra hook just like how KTV Host LULU Flashed her armpits like that ok.
Please I beg you.

I really like this dress very much as you don't need to worry about malfunction as the front is neatly covered up.
Feels super sexy with this little black dress.
In this case, navy.

The quality is superb, I'm totally in love.
It doesn't feels cheap and I never felt this girly for a long time already

Have great fun this Valentines dblchinis!


Vonnie said...

Very pretty dress. Definitely the perfect thing for a date :)

Daisy said...

Preeettyyyy woman!!!!!!

Uma Preve said...

That is a very pretty dress... Very nice color too! :)

Anna said...

This makes you look so mature and... married haha, it's such a nice dress, very elegant.

hevn said...


I think I'm in love. I've been looking for a dress like that. It's gorgeous!

$29 excluding postage huh.. I'm going off for a holiday and I wonder if it will still be in stock when I come back.. arghhhhh frustrated now T.T

Yvonnlyn Tan said...

I got this too but the material & cutting is so bad!