Bags from Japanese Mook

I want to show u dblchinis these Free bags that came with the Japanese Magazines!
Japanese Mag is like my default section whenever I head to Kinokuniya bookstores.
Yes their mags are full of freebies!!!
I even went to the extend to apply for membership So that I could Buy more Mags at 10% off!

My Rules don't go by whether the Mag is interesting or not, it goes by whether the bag is chio and worth buying with the Mag not.

There is usually at least 1 impulse buy out of all the lot which is this

Ey sorry dblchinis, I was too excited so I tore off the wrapper before I could note down the $ of the mags
And when I check back the receipts, all goes by code of conduct like matrix like that. FML & FYL

If anyone knws abt the prices for these mags please fill me in!

This mini 'handbag' is tad too mini.
However I love the Soft trimmings around the bag, makes me look girly but the handle looks cheap.
So consider twice if you r deciding whether to get this.

This Adieu Tristesse I duno what it even stands for. LOL
Ok this bag looks super nice in the picture BUT not so nice in real but still is passable.

However, If I wear red 1/2 fuck shorts,
Yellow Tee shirt with unknown cartoons that says 'This is a happy day' with hair falling apart.
Fake Crocs Purple Flip Flops.
This bag Looping over my shoulder with a slouchy posture, U might just mistake me for the auntie selling pork at the wet market.

But If I dress up like tis, like tis very nice like that.
U sure Wolf whistle at me.

Save the Best for last.
My Super proud purchase for the day from Cecil Mcbee.
I'm a super fan of Cecil Mcbee.

See the RED JACKET from my Japan post? Also from Cecil Mcbee.
Cannot see right?
Must click this link then can see.
No click no see.

Anyway I m not a baby pink person, but this pink melts my heart like literally but heng I got freezer at home can F-back.

Their stuff are always so mad awesome looking even free mags.

They even can make leopard preen pink, like how (in)genius can it be?

This bag is Big, sturdy, roomy stable.
ok it seems so but I haven't started using it.
Thanks Kinokuniya for making me a once-in-a-blue-moon impulsive buyer and applied for membership to the places I rarely visit.
Please open one at Tampines.

And Bring in more chio bags, I'm coming again next month.


Emily Chia said...

I love Cecil McBee too!~ What about Liz Lisa?

Oreleona said...

I really like the third one very much! They're so cute!!

Regina said...

I love the bags that come with Jap mags too! I have tons!!! =X

Ekta said...

The bag from Cecil Mcbee looks awesome! Which japanese magazine is your favourite? I may have to check some out the next time i go to Kinokuniya :)

Ruiting said...

Cute bags!