Happy 5th Birthday Nuffnang!

Hi dblchinissss!!!

Another Contest to win in order to celebrate Nuffnang 5th Bday!
Is so awesome to see Nuffnang has gotten so far, 5 years of glory!

They have given me the opportunity to earn more pocket money $$$ with ads on my blog, meet new people and of course the drive to blog more professionally~

I was asked to blog about what I hope to see Nuffnang in the next 5 years.
Actually hor...Nuffnang now 'hen li hai' liao la!!!!
no need to wait 5 years!


haha ok I say I say...

5 years down the road I hope Nuffnang could give the less fortunate bloggers like, erm... me... More opportunity to showcase my blog to other peeepole!

Well, I seriously would like to see Nuffnang going worldwide, even thought is very much global now.

because Nuffnang is influential in the blogging platform, the more they should reach to every bits of the world, dig for hidden talents and a chance for them to unfold what they've got!

All Good things are meant to be share is it?
of course with the founder coming from Singapore and Malaysia.
It will do South East Asia proud!

So I'm praying hard to get invited to this awesome, wholesome and wonderful event so I can dress up, take pic, meet new people & most importantly....

Last but not least



Wish me Luck *Cross fingers*

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