Hankook Event- Ossion Products from KOREA

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Hello Dblchinis! Ni hao ma?
I think I'm the most well mannered person on earth, wtfbbq mother say u go n die.
er... ok not really

Anyways I wana introduce to you this awesome brand from Korea, Ossion
They have a huge range of skincare range, you seriously wouldn't believe how some of these products work!

You have the Ossion Mild Touch Range
This range is said to brings out the peace and tranquility of the deep ocean.
By looking at these products, I can hear the sounds of the ocean and the breeze in my ear and....Snapping back to reality.

Therefore it is cater to calms your skin even with irritations of makeup and external stress

I'm in love with the Bubble Mask, is like i just transformed into abominable Snowbuddy then back the snow white every time I use that mask.

Ossion Time Curator Range
Time Curator is like a Botox skincare!
Is is said to instantly lift your and improve the elasticity of your skin like Botox effect.
Of course it is temporary but If you want to achieve long term lifting effect, you gotta be consistent in using this product.

Ossion Merdel Range
Merdel is a series that is like happy rain after months of drought.
It is super hydrating and it helps to maintain skin to its supple moisture level~
It contains honey extract and soy fermentation solution to maximize the hydration.

Ossion easy sun stick
This sun stick doesn't feels oily and it most suitable for men.
It looks like a clear stick , no greasiness and good for on the go fix.

PhotobucketLadies will prefer this coz it works like a loose powder for face n body, you are able too remove n wash the puffer easily.
see it feels like nothing :)

This opening enhancer is super, I love using it on my skin & it comes in gold shimmer to brighten the skin.

My super favourite bubble mask.
When u first dispense, it comes out liquid as it gets contact with your skin the liquid forms into micro bubbles that are so fine that they are able to penetrate to the dirty surfaces to cleanse my skin.

However if u are suffering from eczema, I wouldn't recommend this.
It might irritate your skin further.
see how fine the foam is?!

Gift set from Ossion

& of course....

Yay goodies from Ossion!

Ive got sufficient items to last till my wedding! Yay.

Now you can also purchase Hankook Items from their website.
Just use my login account and you will get to enjoy great discounts!!!

User Name: dblchin
Password: missdblchin

Happy shopping dblchinis!!!


Anna said...

OMG so many products Q____Q You must love your sponsors haha!

sugar sugar said...

your sponsors really love you dear! that's quite a loot you got there yayyy! :D
this is the first time i've heard/read about this brand. ^^