Loreal L’Or Color Riche Swatches, Jazz yourself up for 2012

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Hi dblchinis!
Loreal snt me 5 awesome lipsticks for me to tryout sometime ago.

I've blogged about how awesome their Loreal L’Or limited edition was, this time round they sent me another 5 shades, to prepare my lips for Chinese New year!

There are a range of intense and natural shade.
The hues for this time round are nothing short vibrancy.

I have to say Loreal Riche lippies very moisturizing BUT they don't last long especially after meals.
But is guess is not much of a deal, u just need to reapply.

dblchinis, Lets checkout the swatches.

'Deep Raspberry'

An intense cherry colour just make my thin chapped lips pop right out!
I'm very proud to show my teeth nowadays, Invisalign has does so much for me I can't thank Orchard Scotts Dental enough.

This pout wouldn't be a success without the lipstick.

'Intense Fuchsia'

This is new to my lip collection!
I rarely look for pink lipsticks that carries purple tone but I kinda like this.

I do have wrinkly lips but with Loreal lip color it makes me lips look less wrinkly and moisturize

'Magnetic Coral'

This is one heavy tone of coral.
When is time to get bold, I'll definitely whip this out from my collection.

I love to feather out bold lipstick instead of giving it a strong edgy line.

Now for the naturals.


This feels ALMOST nothing on my lips, my original lip colour is a little rosier though.

Pretty wearable for Everyday as compared to 'Nude Treasure 390' which has a glittery effect.
This one just carries more of a natural glaze instead.

Last but not least,

'Sensual Rose'

This is my favourite lip colour of the series, it gives me the goddess feel probably because of the holographic gold tone that was cast on my lips.

This colour reflects even more when light is direct at me.

Hope you enjoy my review and my various lip expression!

Thanks Loreal!


Moni said...

the colors are nice! your teeth looks o nice in the pics!

Konayachi-nyan said...

I love the magnetic coral and sensual rose. I always love peachy colour and natural. ^^ Your teeth look awesome! My teeth definitely need dental care =(

Elisa ♥ said...

all colors are looking nice :D !! love the pictures dblchin ^^

Vonnie said...

They sent some great colors. I love the raspberry on you!

Melissa Tchieu said...

Intense Fuschia looks JUICY! <3 gotta love that one over the others. :P

roxanne said...

Omg Sensual rose looks really pretty! I might get this!!!


hevn said...

Wow, never goven much thought to lipsticks from Loreal (my mom loves them though) and they look great. They made the lips look so.. smooth and glossy! Me likey!

Will go check them out when i head to Watsons

Golly-Locks said...

The colors look awesome~ <3

Sabrina said...

nude and sensual rose is so pretty!!!!