OOTD & Camwhoring with ring light

Hi dblchinis
Bot a ringlight from Alan Photo Trading at Sim lim recommend by Yina~
Saw her taking like super chio pixs so tweeted her for the contact!

Ok Ring light is just super awesome.
sorry my Significant Other is executed from the nose(bridge) and above.
I really wanted to post this coz I...look... kind.a... chio.

But what it does is it gives reflection to my sunnies which I'm still trying hard to avoid
Fyi I'm wearing a simple tankie with a blazer and black shorts + leggings.
And that free bag from Marc Jacobs Mook I had long ago.
I was suppose to attend the istudio opening event at paragon but in the end I U-TURN to the docs for my sore eye :(

I was in the car about on the way home after seeing the docs.
Major sux when u r all doll up and soreeye is like eyesore.

Well... you always can compensate with sunnies!
Till then!


Locke said...

so pretty! love your outfit too~ the ring light looks really nice!

Anna said...

You're getting more beautiful with each entry you post, I'm just so super speechless every time, your husband must be the luckiest guy in the world.

nadnut said...

omg, i LOVE your blazer! where did you get it from? me wannaaaaa buy!

我是贝比@baby said...

Yep, agree to Nadnut,your blazer looks stylist! very nice

Hayley said...

Nice photos!! Very chic too~

Vanilla Sencha ツ said...

You're so pretty. I'm so jealous you got to go to NAPBAS hehe xD Bet you had great fun there =)

Uma Preve said...

I hope your eyes are better now.... I have a same kinda of ring light too... It's a good tool for photography...

♥Bunny♥ said...

you look sooo pretty!! Would love to see what you're gonna show on your blog with this new light now!
but no matter what i think you look beautiful always <3