Count my blessings for this Xmas.

Hey dblchinis!
I've almost been updating everyday for this entire week. Awesome not?!?!

Thank u for all the support and I'm really grateful to have the chance to receive so many grt gifts and sponsored trips, be amongst the greatest bloggers and having to say hi and even snap a valuable pic with them!

I count my every blessing for the great things that happen in my life. Met new people of all aspects, I'm
Glad some of us got to know each other better on a personal level and even closer. I learnt a bit more every time we get to see each other at events. Social media is the only thing I look forward to making new friends as my mundane lifestyle is pretty much meh. I do not have many colleagues to interact with & I yet to receive a single xmas gift from anyone in my work of line.

Aside from thanking my closest kin n frds in my private life this great xmas, I would like to give a shoutout to this special bunch of girls : Sarah(Facesbysarah), Sara(icyabstract), Roseanne(roseannetangrs) & Diana(adorebeauty).

Although Sarah n I had a slight misunderstanding in the beginning, we eventually got along so well, I always look forward to seeing her in our meetups. The most touching thing is she actually stood up and rectify on a incident that happened recently. I really appreciate that, Thank u Sarah.

Sara, she's the nicest thing in the whole world, she never fails to @mention my lamest reply on twitter. She is so likeable and everyone loves her! The thing is we clique so well that I will
Keep her in my life pretty much forever!

Roseanne is the baby girl in our group, I love reading her romance stories on her twitter. We almost nv fail to meetup when she comes bk from Aussie. She's v talented, a long way to go for Roseanne.

Diana, she's like my top notch nemesis. We like to pass the baton of silliness to each when we meet up , her super crazy Siao personality nv fails to plant a smile on my face. Diana! I miss u!!!

One person that I would like to thank the most, the one that kicked start my major sponsorship with invisalign is Pearlin. I was invited to her first event with orchard Scott's dental and my smile changed forever. Is still changing now for the better (looking forward to seeing my dentist again).
I wanted to thank her for giving me the opportunity, to get inspired to blog more, for getting know so many new ppl thru her events. And most important, the chance to come into her life and hang out w her as real friends.

These girls that I've mentioned, they are neither my bestest friend nor we hang out with each other every weekend. But They are people that came to my life and worth every bit to mention.
thank u girls :)

For I believe that everyone is nice until they prove otherwise

Have a merry Xmas everyone.

(couldn't get the blog links for these girls up as I was typing thru my Hp)


Roseanne said...

Love you dear! You are so beautiful and talented and I hope to have food with you sometime soon again xx Merry Christmas dear!

Iriene said...

Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year 2012 :) Nice and sweet blog, keep it up!

나니 said...