CLEAR Women and Men Shampoo

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Hello dblchinis!

Lets face scalp problems together!!!

I often get itchy scalp & dandruff, this is a really embarrassing for me especially when I'm wearing dark coloured clothings.

So when The sample Store decides to send me some hair products for review, I immediately agreed!

So here I have with me,
4 products for the Clear shampoo series that targets Dandruff and hair-fall problems
From left
Female Clear Ice Cool Menthol
Female Clear Anti Hairfall
( SGD 9.40 350ml/ SGD14.30 700ml)

Male Clear Cool Sports Menthol
Male Anti Hairfall
( SGD 10.30 350ml/ SGD15.70 700ml)

Do you know more than 60% of the world also suffer the same issues of hair and scalp problems?

Now that Clear launches a breakthrough technology in scalp care - Nutrium10, your scalp problems are the least of your worries.

One of the world’s largest networks of dermatologists, The International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology (IACD) has identified Nutrium10 as the scalp care technology that will lead the paradigm shift in scalp care management.

Unlike other anti-dandruff shampoos that are wash-away solutions, the new Clear with Nutrium 10 treats the root cause. It not only infuses the scalp with nutrients three layers deep # but also helps to rebalance cell proliferation processes to restore the scalp to its healthy condition.

See the super refreshing effect I created with water droplets.

Clear Anti-Hairfall shampoo comes in white
I can't really tell if my hairfall has lessen but after washing with this shampoo, my hair doesn't tangle too much even before I apply my conditioner.
And I kinda like the smell, is refreshing yet not too overpowering.

Clear Anti Dandruff Shampoo comes in sky blue
I really love this, it says menthol but it doesn't feels too chill.
U know some shampoo the comes with a minty feel leaves me the major chilly feel after washing but this one doesn't.
And it ease my itchy scalp, I don't recommend using this everyday but definitely once a week for maintenance.

Clear for men!

My hubs tried out both but he prefers the no menthol one, his scalp is like his character Very Sensitive New age guy.
He is not very much of a anti-dandruff shampoo lover so I guess this is out for him but he is rather attracted to the attractive packaging.
I'll make him do a few more washes till he likes it! Haha!

You can now try out the products yourself, click on the following link to redeem:

Is been a while since I show my 'no makeup' face.
Good luck getting shocked :o

*Clear shampoo is available at all leading pharmacies and supermarkets.

*I'm not paid to post this


Hayley said...

Hey, nice header picture!

Taking care of our scalp is importaint!

Fern Li said...

i get itchy scalp too!! :( mostly coz i have a bit of eczema on my scalp :(
the shampoos look so liquidy!
ive never heard of menthol in shampoos LOL hmm i wanna try :D especially since its getting hotter here

AquaKO said...

I absolutely love this line, the shampoo smells really good and you can feel your hair is also moisturized, they do look liquidy but foams really well :) it's really refreshing

Pop Champagne said...

seems like nice shampoos! I might need the anti hair fall out one haha i know we're suppose to shed certain percentage of hair per day but man everytime i shower it seems so much!

hevn said...

Good to know there is a lot of people in the dandruff club :P
I got both dandruff and hair fall and it's bloody obvious on my black hair. LMAO!!

This is some thing I need, been using Head and Shoulders for a while now

p.s: Wheeeeeeeeee I am going to KL next week too, let me know which part you'll be in. Sir Stingy is going for the MaGaCon or something :P

Ice Pandora said...

We don't have this brand of shampoo :(
Winter is making my skin + head dry which causes more scalpproblem..
Thanks for the review tho :)
You look gorge without make up!

♥Bunny♥ said...

I don't really have dandruff, but I use head and sholder JUST to maintain my skelp, just like how ppl maintain their face with mask!
because of this, would really love to try this!
I wonder do they have it over seas :D

Anonymous said...

clear é muito bom sim, agora com essa novidade nutrium10, ficou ainda melhor! kiss