Agnes B Makeup Collection

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Woah dblchinis!
Agnes b. a brand well loved by many is making its debut to Singapore!

You can expect to see their launch in the perfume and cosmetics section located at changi airport.

I received this pretty set exclusive makeup pouch ($80.50) from nuance-watson that consist of

of bb cream,

a contour haute def eyeliner,Photobucket

palette trio set of 3clr eyeshadows

as well as pampering gloss for the lips!

Right now I'm exhilarated to try out these items hope u dblchinis are as eggcited as me too! Rmber to check this out at changi airport (after immigration point) T1 & T2 before u depart from sg!

*I'm not paid to blog this


sugar sugar said...

everything looks lovely! would love to see a fotd using these items dear. :)

PinkOrchids said...

The eye shadow look so gorgeous and the bb cream packaging is so nice! Please show us some photo's of you using them? :) xX

khloegold said...

Hi u have such a nice blog, I followed u and it would mean a lot if u could follow back and thanks for the comment u left me :)

Oo t a n g t a n g oO said...

The shadows are pretty <3 Looking forward to your FOTD. Hugs xoxo

hevn said...

Whoa.. Those looks tempting, can't wait to see you do a fotd with these! :D

iconoclasp said...

Thanks for the review! I've never tried any of these products so it was helpful and interesting for me :)

I'm new to blogging, I'd be thrilled if you would give my blog a visit! :)

Iriene said...

Absolutely fabulous...
love your pictures - very clear and vibrant :)

Sharon said...

Gorgeous products :D
i love the packaging on that lipstick