OUTFIT TO Adonis greek party

Hihi dblchinis!!!

This is the outfit to the Adonis Greek partieeee!

Check out the video here with the beautiful ladies!

I really love going to theme costume parties, takes a lot of work to dress up yet is so satisfying when U get the outfit up and going and it delivers a wow factor.
I duno if mine outfit does bring a Greek shoutout but... if it didn't I wouldn't have won the best dress isn't it? ok think I'm getting too cocky.

My eyeshadow is done with the latest Loreal eye palette, I will post this look in another entry.

I'm very proud of my work because very ECO friendly like what sara said and is free, just pluck and fix, si bei easy.

I secure the leaves and the dried flowers with a tie band.
Thanks Naiyu for the free flowers! HAHA!

Here's what u get from the top view.
Sorry gotta to heart-shape my underskirt, my undies are leaking from the pics!

I didn't wana my earrings to outshine the headpiece thus I went on with subtle rose studded earrings.

As I've mentioned earlier about the loreal palette, you can see the colours are very pigmented and fresh.

The pink is very cute and subtle but at the same time good enough to being out the femininity in this look!
I got a separate blog entry on this, be sure to stay tune!
Actually I had on Guerlain's Lip Automatique but I took this at when I got home after the partieee so U can't really see the shade here. Sorrieeeee...

Hey eberyboardy, this is my outfit! is from KISSJANE (read here)
Initially, I was in afraid I cannot manage to get something suitable but suddenly I remember that I still have $20 vouchers from Kissjane, so I hopped to their bugis outlet Spent an hr inside picking out the prefecto dress for the event.
In the end I found this going at $34 SGD, So I paid only $14 with my $20 vouchers.

This is a very conservative dress at the same time sexy,
I said conservative ok not religious.
U can see from the side view, a nude peach is body is sewn together with the drapes & I totally dig the quality of the dress.

The neckline thought is a little low , it is still very fitted to the body.
U know like some dresses once u bend forward or something, ur boobs will fall out like bowling balls right? ok nvm if ur(my) size is 1/2 an orange but it will still show rite?

This dress doesn't, it still protects ur modesty.

Thanks for watching, seeing, reading whatever byeeeee!

*Not paid to blog this.


yvonne said...

Your dress really looks Greek-y :)

And your eyes, yes, you must post the how-to in your coming entry. They are mesmerising :O
I fail terribly at mixing and blending the colours.....

Ice Pandora said...

I loooove your dress~! Really a Greek goddess dress haha and I also love the flowers and the leaves :) have fun!


Locke said...

aww you're so pretty! <3

CHERRING said...

I love the make up! Your skin is so flawless too!! :)

The GUILTY HYENA said...

Uber creative with the bag handle, looked like a perfect Ancient greek belt!

sugar sugar said...

your makeup is flawless! lovin' the eyemakeup dear. your dress is also beautiful. you look absolutely stunning! =)

just Jennifer :3 said...

your make-up is amazing! ;D
and your hair is soo pretty done *-* matches tha outfitt ;D <33


Pramudita Puspita said...

hello! nice blog! mind to follow each other? I'll follow u back then :)

Kristin said...

Love the thingy on your hair! It's very creative of you ;)

Anonymous said...

hi, may i kw wat foundation did u used in the pic? thanks! =]]

C. said...

this is my fav look on you!! xx Beautiful.

나니 said...

I don't even possess vocabulary to tell you how freaking AMAZING you look in this! omfg.. T___T; *faints*

konayachi-nyan said...

You're so beautiful. I love how your hair looks. I always want a long and curl hair (but only the bottom part got a big curl) aww I can't really describe it. =/

btw, followed. Hope can follow back so can keep in touch. I love your blog ^^