Affordable stuff from My Precious Chest


Hi dblchinissss!

Sry for the influx of blogpost today but I'm gonna share with u these few awesome items I've
received from My precious chest

The accessories are absolutely stunning N affordable!

You will b amazed by the type of jewelry they offer, I'm totally in love.

I will blog and CAMWHORE *impt* about abt their accessories in my later entries. Meanwhile U should head over their blogshop to take a look as they r having a major sale gg on now.

Alrighty, so long dblchinis!

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Maeve Rachel said...

They are so pretty!

Uma Preve said...

Lovely jewelry pieces... I like them all!

Blair said...

That necklace is such a statement piece! Absolutely gorgeous, wanna see you wearing it!

Fern Li said...

wow! that angel wing necklace is so big! :O
theyre so pretty!

Hayley said...

Lovely! I'm checking out their website now!

Pop Champagne said...

ooh it's quite pretty!

San said...

Oh my... Gorgeous accessories! Oh my wallet.... :P

Zarna said...

these accessories are fabulous!

Ice Pandora said...

I can't wait to see your camwhore picturess :) the jewellery looks really pretty!