New Blog Layout?

hey hi dblchinis!!!

I want to sought your opinion, I'm thought of changing the layout of my blog, just minor changes.

Do let me know what u think alright?

From this :

Background: plain, white
Width stretch
Sidebar :left

To this
(new Layout)
Background : Peach with cohesive design matched to my header
Width: scaled narrower than current design
Sidebar : right

Do let me know what you think, if you support the change of my layout please help me but clicking on the 'like' button so I know how many of u dblchinis support this!

I would love to hear your comments from you too, u know la sometimes abrupt changes might cause u all feel a little foreign when visiting my blog.
So let me know what u think ok bo?


Oh & don't forget to vote, voTE, VOTEEEEEEEEEEE~


Philip Khor said...

errrr... OK. :)

Anna said...

Definitely a change, y'know, it looks more narrow and organized!

ken said...

i think the new one is nicer :)

Daisy Png said...

Nice change, can see your effort, good job:)

나니 said...

I think it's a great idea to change! : D It'll make the site look a bit more narrow and organized. Go for it!

Maria May said...

Yeah i agree with the others. You should definitely change it ^^ it looks more organized and more girly ..

JustJaslin said...

yea you should change!! :) then maybe change away the pink background to some pictures you like for a dash of your character on your blog! :)

Uma Preve said...

Change is always good! Lovely new background!

Fern Li said...

good idea to change :)
though i dont mind this one anyway

yvonne said...

Love the new background, it complement well with your current header, orangish :)

Yijing said...

The background really matches your blog banner babe :D