Silver smokey look EOTD (Eye Of The Day)

Hi dblchinis!!!

Apologies to the maximum! I haven't been past 2 weeks, yes overwhelmed with so much work!

But here I'm with a Eye Of The Day makeup for u ~

I've got so much time to space one fine night I decided to doodle my eyes a bit.

Yes I'm still using Sleek bad girl palette! I'm do in love with it~
Use a combination of grey hues & black, topped with silver finished.

I'm only wearing top falsies winged out at the end.

Look how pigmented these colours came out to b?

Here I used a nude colour lip gloss, I guess it looks slightly pale on me, I should've added some clrs to the cupid bow area to brighten up the look.
O well, another time perhaps.
Yes I put on weight! So much right? now I'm dbl Fatface chin!
Oh gawd, I gotta diet before my big big day.

So long & till then~



AtelierGal said...

You're not fat lah! Just try to drink less caronated drinks and you'll be fine :)

Yvonne said...

You called that 'doodling your eyes'? They are gorgeous, gal! I always wanted to do smoky eyes, but ended up with panda look... Horrible skill, I have.

nadnut said...

Gorgeous eyes :)

♥ c.angie ♥ said...

oh damn girl you did a pretty nice job! i love the darken outter crease

Angelique said...

Love it! Very pretty :D

Fern Li said...

Are you calling yourself 'fat'?? I hate you, you're not fat!!! >> Hahaha~ omg, you have good makeup skill, such nice makeup. You are so pretty~

sugar sugar said...

i watched your video! you look very pretty dear! ^__^

Hayley said...

Don't worry, you look just nice~
I like the eyeshadows, very classy and sexay~

Anna said...

WTF where are you fat face? Stop that, Clara XD You're beautiful and the look is sekushii

Chantana said...

What double chins dblchin? I don't see it!!!!!!

Me loving the badgirl too <3