Never again sleep sloppy with Les affaires this spring

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Hellooooooooo my lovely dblchinis!!!
Have you ever thought looking good in bed?
Well... yes... I mean people want to look good in bed for their partner...
but what I meant was....

Have you ever thought of sleeping Comfortably AND PRETTY???

No right?
I also never thought of until I got to know Les Affaires.

Is like the importance of sleeping is no longer just purely sleeping and snoring away and having bad dreams frenching kissing a woman with mustache or looking at a pair of delicious boobs on a man's body and startled awake at god forsaken hour and found urself wearing 1/2 ugly jammies and having difficulty falling back to sleep again and when your eyes are half closed the blardi alarm rings...

And the worse that could happen,

you put on another kilogram by sleeping less.

Oh well, would u rather sleep like this,

Or sleep with beautifully comfortable nightie
wake up like this???
Can water plant somemore.

By sleeping 8 and half hours or more, you feel refresh with lotsa energy the next day!
also lose weight (scientifically proven)
Here I am just feeling happy with Les affaires Babydoll Chemise with lace & Shorts with side ruching

This periwinkle Light lavender print is definitely a spring dorm must have!

Gathers at the bust area and sweet lace trimmings.

Now check out the lace details at the short's hemming, awfully sweet isn't it?

Makes you wana look at yourself even more.

If you are lucky enough to live to a 100, you probably might spend a quarter of a century sleeping.


y do you need to sleep so bloody much?

Because your body can detoxify while you sleep.
It happens between 11am to 3am everynight.

So the next day you have energy to do monkey business!
Like peeping at your neighbours!

Or checking our ur bf's father fishes for no apparent reason.

I'm wearing the Dress with handkerchief hem and lace

The lace trimmings are similar to the pair of sleep shorts you've seen earlier.
Know y not?
Is a collection of course it has to be cohesive!

I love how the skirt hem is construct, Handkerchief-looking indeed!

This pic is nothing much, just showing my duo cutie pies.

I'm sure everyone has troubles sleeping but pls do not count sheep, polar bears or dolphins.
by the time u get to a 1000 of these animals, is time to turn up for work.

Well of course, if your night is awesome and well,
and by that I mean just purely sleeping.
U will wake up like dis.
Fresh and pink in health for camwhoring.
This is a Floral with lace Cropped tee, u dblchinis should seriously head over to their website check out the model.
Height issues doesn't makes a difference in looking radiant.
Is true, I'm fun size.

When u have all the drive,
Got time u also can play with your dog.

The incorporation of lace and cotton are truly impeccable.

sheer floral lace giving it a soft yet sensual approach to the upper torso.

Pants with ruching at waist and hem makes it easier for girls with funny size.

I'm truly having an enjoyable time this 2011 spring with Les Affaires

So I urge all you dblchinis to Join


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Contest ends 30th march!

and of course~
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so shop now!!!


So Don't forget to 'like' their fanpage!

But first I gotta get myself some food.

Wearing les affaires to zoukout-Fall 2010 collection (click here & here)
Feeling sexy with les affaires holiday 10 collection

*all other pics tat not taken by my photographer a.k.a bf is credited to Google Image


Nava.K said...

You are looking good and the first two photos was surely hilarious.

♡Yumeko said...

Awww,This post is so cute!^___^*!<3
I love your outfits,they are so pretty*__* and the doggie is really cute!^___^
/reply/ I wanna meet you too,sweetie!<3

PS;Thank you for leaving the nice comment on my blog,and for being my new follower!<3<3<3

Uma Preve said...

Cute outfits! Lovely dogs too!

Hayley said...

Those materials look really comfy and nice!
And your doggies, really very cute la!

Elisa ♥ said...

you look so cute xD !! i'm loving the lace on the clothing ^^ and are those dogs yours?? weeee so cutee !! i've always wanted these kind of dogs ='D

Sheoh Yan said...

I also always love sleep wear, I have more sleep wear than bras and undies. Your sleep wears here are so nice.

Yvonne said...

You look good! And your dogs are so cute!!! :)

Estée said...

So adorable, but funny at the same time!


CHERRING said...

Hi babe! I didn't you have dogs! How old are your they? They look gorgeous :)

Zazabong said...

Cute photos!