Look of the day with McDonalds Bear Pendant

HElloooooo dblchinis!

Everytime I blog about myself I'm like a triple A Battery, do u know how eggciting is that not?!
Yes! Finally is time to get hitched!
I'm off to lookout for pre-wedding photography studios!

Today I decided to put on blue shadow, so I've use the palette from Sleek to create the hot yet subtle day look.

I've used 2 shades of blue on the outer corner of my eyes and a light shade peachy pink on my inner tear ducts.
I'm wearing both top and bottom lashes without any contacts.

so here's the Sleek Bad Girl palette I got from Makeup Blogette's spree.

Combination of Obnoxious & Twilight as the main hue
Nior to add on to the depth.
Gullible for all over highlights.

I've also used sana brow pencil, c how much it matches my hair colour?

And guess who I've brought with me today???
yes! Is Mcdonald's bear, I've made it into a pendant.

as for my outfit,
Wore a butterfly sleeve top with white creamy shorts.

At the end of the day, my makeup still stays.
Key: Rmber to prime you base well ur makeup will last throughout the day~

Oh well... very very busy lately, will try to post something again soon!



Kelly C said...

nice make up =)

Maplebaby♥枫子 said...

Love your outfit of the day~

* tracey gal * said...

hehe ur make up is pretty!

EV@yenniedoll said...

i love it. gonna try this out

Magdalena said...

Beautiful eye makeup! :D

♥ Ani~熊貓 ♥ said...

so beautiful ! how did you make the toy into a pendant?!

hevn said...

Wow, I love your FOTD! The make up looks fantastic!

Xiaoxin said...

I like your eye makeup!
I shall try it someday!!
Hope i dun mess it up!

sugar sugar said...

the necklace is sooo cute! :3 i want it! LOL! love your eye makeup dear. you always look so gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

pretty :3 the bear bear is so cute! x

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Ice Pandora said...

Beatiful eye make up and omggg I love that Ronald Mcdonald necklace <333
You give me an idea to pimp up some of my toys haha... xxx

Anonymous said...

OMG. You apply eye shadow on your INNER TEAR DUCTS?! When you cry, are your nasal secretions blue?

Anna said...

Ain't Sleek stuff amazing? I only have one palette so far, but damn the colours rock from A to Z. Also, you look adorable, love the lashes you used :D

나니 said...

I really like your natural eye color : D AND the makeup looks gorgeous!
I actually have one of the Sleek palettes in 'graphite', but it's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO dark, so I rarely ever use it..

♡Yumeko said...

I LOVE your FOTD!^__^* Blue eyeshadow suits you so much!^__^ You look GORGEOUS!<3

Chantana said...

OOOH.. you look so good in blue "eyeshadow" look!! I just order the Badgirl palette (can't wait to play with it ^__^)

Elisa ♥ said...

Beautiful make up dblchin ^^ and i like the cute bear =D ! yay im loving it haha

Hayley said...

Love your blue eye make up! Looks 'funky' la...

Yvonne said...

Like how you play with the blue eyeshadow. It's usually very hard to use this color, for me :p

Michelle said...

omgosh love the makeup!

Carrie said...

love your butterfly sleeve top :)

And good try on the eyelashes too!

Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

awwww, you're so pretty! love the eyeshadow work! and the top is adorable!

Sheoh Yan said...

Your blue eyeshadowm is nice. Your make up is natural. My girls will definitely love to have this bear pendant. But I didn't see it here.

Anonymous said...

hihi! i am roger's sis ;) love your tutorial! following you!