Japan Trip with Aqualabel (Part IV)- Awesome Sushi place

Sponsored Trip

Hi dblchinis!

I'm sorry I dunno if this is the right time to blog about my awesome trip to Japan but I decided to go ahead with a short post.
Yup this is hard for everybody but as I've said earlier, life goes on isn't it?

Lets continue our little tokyo adventure then!

Pls giv up you seats.
No not I don't mean you Japanese,
Yes, you Singaporeans back in Singapore.

So not used to this baggage section, I think we (speaking for all 4 of us) lost our brolly on this ledge 3 times oredy. But Japan is so safe & nobody will steal ur stuff So I figured our brollies r still sleeping in some of the subway trains.

The lovely lassies posing for me in the nx cabin.

Thought I take a shot of the orderly manner these Japanese q to get in the trains

So lets brace up and have a round of applause for this Awesome sushi place at dunno where!

Sry I forgot where is this place liao but it definitely serves the best sushi.

We alighted at Shimbashi station though.

I already salivated just by looking at the dummy food.
The Lobster Dishhhhhh

Prawn Bento

All the Crazyyyyy seafood galore.

Letsssss goooooooo comon!
Oh btw, any Japanese that is reading this pic, maybe u can help me out by finding where this place is.
I really wana share all my dblchinis coz the food is truly awesome!

The cozy setup all of us have been waiting for, we were famished by the time we got there, yes it was after visiting crazy arcombie store at Ginza n the breath taking majolica majorca hotel room.


Bestest sashimi platter ever!

So awesome that we need to keep snapping pics.

Mega Shoutout:

Cod fish ftw, a bit oily for me though.
But Yanny is mad happy that she ate all the cod fish!

She sell seashells on the seashell shore!

Trying my best to whistle at the hensem waiter but the sound never come out. *loser*

Yay, Tamadego!!!

What is dis?
I dunch know.
But niase.

Alrighty, told ya is a short post, hope to cya again in my nx entry!!!

Signing off, dblchin a.k.a samurai ninja sushi master.


This is blogpost no. 4 for japan trip sponsored by Aqualabel

*Trip is fully sponsored by Aqualabel, Shiseido. Photos taken with Panasonic Lumix FX75 camera proudly sponsored by Panasonic, And clothing and accessories by Bysi.
I'm not paid to blog about this.


jamiey writes said...

That was an awesome trip you had!! :D

Ronaldmohoni said...

one day, i want go to japan. feel good.

Hayley said...

All the Japanese food tasted way lot better over there at Japan right! Even the plain sushi rice is mouth watering enough! ;)

Rascat said...

i do too~ i wanna go japan! ! one day I believe >U<

Elisa ♥ said...

ahhh the food looks so yummy !!!!

♥ Ani~熊貓 ♥ said...

sad about Japan but it really is a beautiful place, must go there in the future =]

Calvin Ong said...

Your photos are very nice! I hope Japan will be okay soon. :(

Nanged and visited :DD

MOON said...

omg youre so chio lah!! and the food look so yummy too, hehehe ^^

나니 said...

I think it's fine that you blog about this.. Why not bring out some of the most amazing things about Japan at a critical time like this? : D Perfect timing, if you ask me!

AND.. you look amazing! *_* I like your lashes!
omg the girl next to that "Your kindness is appreciated"-sign looks SOOO wasted xD

The GUILTY HYENA said...

The food looks absolutely tasty, I cant get no decent Sushi or Japanese food where I'm located.- Would love to

QuiRkY-Malaysia said...

Wow, all the food... cool!

min~aris said...

awesome trip with amazing foods!!!
i do love Japanese food ^^