ZOUKOUT 2010, The Biggest BEACH PARTY of the YEAR~


Zoukout 2010 is indeed an awesome blast also an utter disappointment.
Because the mobile network was soooooo bad I couldn't get to meet most of my awesome frds.

Yes, I've been tweeting and blogging (here & here) abt zoukout for e past week.
Incase, u r somemore across the world and wondering what the Fuck is zoukout...
lemme tell you,
is a year end beach party organised by our very own club in singapore ZOUK.
now holding for the 10th year,
they have invited DAVID GUETTA AND TIESTO at the same time.

Blardi hell... these 2 dudes are the one who caused the major mobile jammed.

nvm abt all the hiccups, dblchin actually snap most of the pics with her own group of buds
so enjoy~!

With YingZi & June
I only managed to catch YingZi Once and that's it, the network made her disappeared for the night.

The the music is pumping, the fireworks are shooting.

With my awesome bunch of frds.
camwhoring madness~@
camwhoring madness~

They are already mums! Can u believe that?
Imma go sit in a corner and draw circles!

More fireworks.

Another awesome one of mine came along, jojo.
This friend is v siao one.

My midnight blue is from non other than Les Affaires
I love the bat wings .....
and the sands in my knee....

Enjoying the moment of nothing but fun~

Come have a glass of booze too!

Blardi hell! They are mothers too.
I need to get pregnant now!

I told ya I had fun times with them & so I really did.

Miss olive and vanilla!

Crazy times

More crazy times.

My infamous armpit flasher pants.
And the girl on the left, she's working & snaking!
oooi, get bk to work lazy bug!

I'm THINKING really hard for a new Caption!
ok Give up can~

Welcome to torture chamber.
They tried to scare me by swinging their whips...
Pls la, I'm not 3 years old.


Who is this ANG MO Blocking my pics?

Checked the box at ❤ dblchin's post (right at the end of this entry) if you like the above tummies & these awesome asses~
One of the arena calling out the vibes~

That's all for the pics, before u go I've got a VEEDIO FOR YOU!

Have fun watching~

Anyways I left the beach at 5.45am waited for 2 shuttle buses before I could get on coz is fucked crowded.
Took a train and a feeder bus
I finally reach my home at....
Thank god.



小心 said...

looks real fun babe!!!

Mei said...

Looks like you had a blast ^^
It's very winter and cold here... -jealous- haha

Uma Preve said...

Zoukout is fun... It's -1 degrees here.... I am longing for the heat... Nice pictures btw.

Soh Hong Wei said...

Nice pictures! And looks like you enjoyed yourself so much! =)

Anonymous said...

ur bigini veli naise leh.

Dolce♥Bunny said...

omg~~~~~!! massive fun!!
loveing the pictures and the camwhore and the random ang mo guy... lol!!
glad you enjoyd your self!

Toni Tralala said...

The fireworks looks amazing! What fun! :)

Fashion Cents said...

you all look so pretty!!

yvonne said...

muahahaha, you are so funny to wanna get pregnant and join mummies club!

like your makeup that night *smooches*