Tsubaki the smoothness of camellia flower~

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Tsubaki is camellia flower in Japanese!
it carries high level of Tsubaki oil which makes the hair radiant for the entire hair length regardless whether u hv short or long hair.
They are equipped with deep beauty and shine pearl lipid which emits radiance from within.

I've with me the red...

And white series

The explanation is quite literal, red series is from red camellia flower and the white?

From white camellia of course!

They have input other awesome ingredients for the red line : Pink Rugosa Rose, Pomegranate, sand pear, plum, Yellow Golden Peach, Ginger, White Grape.

the white :Willow, winter Daphne, Moss, Lotus, Bamboo

Tsubaki comes in shampoo (220ml/550ml)

Mask (180g)

The red range has high purity Tsubaki Oil Ex which is a hair shining component that adds shine from the inside to the outside.

While the white range carries the same Tsubaki oil , they are also equipped with penetrating care component: Tsubaki Amino that repairs the damaged bits of your hair and all brittle sections.
My hair is really dry due to all the coloring, blow drying, heat products: tongs, flat iron.
I personally dig the mask treatment maximum! It makes my hair soooo smooth, it also comes with radiant homey essence that makes hair well protected & best of all, it smells great!

I'm saying all these Not because the items sponsored by Shiseido....

is because their products r really freaking awesome!

C, I'm now down to my last drop of TSUBAKI Shampoo....
To b e environmentally friendly,

I washed the bottle ....

And Refill it to save shower space!
U know sometimes it can b frustrating when u can't fit ur gigantic bottle onto the shelves...
So keep ur smaller empty bottles coz u never knw when u will need them again!

So Hop over to watsons now to get ur very own tsubaki shampoo now~


*Though these products are fully sponsored, every word on this blog entry expresses my own honest thoughts and opinion.


Anonymous said...

Oh I wish I learnt this trick when I was travelling, would save me lugging around so many heavy bottles of shower gels, shampoo sets and other stuff.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas (:

나니 said...

I'd love to try them : / but Shiseido tests on animals. BOO THEM! I heard a lot about these lines tho.. Apparently opinions are very mixed.

sugar sugar said...

Shideido products are really worth trying. :) Their makeup and skin line are absolutely just divine.

Love your tip at the end! I'll definitely be saving smaller bottles now. :)

Elisa ♥ said...

nice that you can refill it =D. never heard of this brand before ^_^! would love to try them :D

Hayley said...

Hai there!
Thanks for reviewing this, I like the design of the bottle, hehe ;)

yvonne said...

I always throw away smaller bottles. Why didn't I think to recycle it? Great tips!

I love the makeup from this brand and I'm gonna try out its shampoo range now :D

Linda said...

I Love their shampoo! Great blog- big fan!

Dolce♥Bunny said...

OMG! I love Tsubaki Shampoo! It was one of my fv shampoos back in Japan! I remember the commercial was all about Asian beauty and what not! So glad they are going world wide now!!!