While I'm away...

Hi dblchinis!

As sme of u know that I'll b going for japan for holiday this week, wed to b excat.


Thats my awesome reward from winning the AQUALABEL CONTEST!

However, I'm quite worry abt the things happening at home & so I've set some rules for my bf.

I've published a status on my fb page, so everyone could become my witness, but I've realised posting it to my few hundred frds still feels relatively insuffice. And Thus, U dblchinis r here to b my eyes while I'm away.

So...Do Learn it from a control freak's point of view

hi there bf.

stringent rules to follow while I'm away.

-No looking at girls 153cm or taller
-no hanging out with bad company eg. Alvin Woo Gary Lui Ho Chan Yung Goh Standy Xie Guoshun
-No MasturB****g
-No abusing of dogs
-no late drinking sessions, be home by 8 & off to bed by 10pm

With Love, MissControlFreak

Thanks for being so supportive dblchinis, I'll speak to u on my Twitter in Japan.


*ps : just for laughs.


hevn said...


But anyway have fun!!!!

Uma Preve said...

Have fun!

Dolce♥Bunny said...


The GUILTY HYENA said...

Hahaha- the list what are you like! I'm sure he'll miss you on your visit to JAPAN!! How exciting Congratulations btw on your win!

I think your bf will also be worrying about the boys in Japan ;)

阿葉 said...

您想創業嗎? 您滿意現在的收入嗎? 您滿意現在的工作環境嗎?
不需技術 不需囤貨 不需推銷 不需說服 不拉親友 絕對合法
一台電腦就搞定一切 100%在家工作 上班兼創業 家庭事業可兼顧
只要瑣碎時間就能經營 限時免費體驗報名中 要搶要快

나니 said...

It sounds rather creepy that you actually need to tell him not to abuse dogs. O_O'' ughh

middle said...

I miss you already!