Natural resource Review - SANA blogger's skin challenge

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Hi dblchinis

I've been invited by Thesamplestore to do a review on SANA products!!!

So what is SANA?
Japanese skincare brand whereby they formulate their own ingredients to develop ranges suitable for asian skin.
And Japanese are expertise in addictive free products thus, no addictive means no harmful ingredients and for that, this is entirely safe for ur skin.

now they have formulated a range of medicated skincare, 'Natural Resource', suitable for sensitive skin.

Don't expect this these products to do MAGIC like :




Or other secondary improvements.

Because when ur skin is plagued with sensitivity or blemish problems, the first thing You want to do is to treat them, making sure ur skin is clean and clear before u start further enhancement & not by laying more problems one after another.

Lemme giv u a dblchini analogy:

Say u wana cook birdnest with Rocksugar and Dang Gui
Salad Wasabi Prawn with embroided flower at the sides.

When u get into the kitchen.
Wah! very 'Clean' Indeed.

DO you?

No 1. U clean up the godamned mess THOROUGHLY before u start cooking ur favourite dishes. A lot of effort, but at least the dish u completed will not b stained with previous leftover residue.


No 2. U continue to use the unwashed Pots and pans to complete your delicacy. Effortessly completed 2 dishes in the shortest time possible with lotsa extra ingredients from the previous meal.

Ok I duno if this is a good example but so long u dblchinis get it that's great.

So how to treat your skin?
This is what I do for the past a month and 1/2...

Step 1
Oil Cleansing

This oil cleanser feeels like any other oil cleanser. However, the harshness is brought down to the minimum to cater for sensitive skin

The first step to makeup removal.
U just need to rub the oil onto you skin in circular motion

and rinse it off!
Oil turns milky when contact with water.
C my heartshaped boobies, chio not?
It feels downright clean after flushing with water.

Wee Now the foam cleanser.
I have to say, I have relatively good skin However, I get sensitivity and allergies quite often.
my greatest nemesis is Eczema & thanks to this FKer it befalls on my face.
To add on oil to fire, Eczema is a chronic problem, once u r not careful it'll come bk and haunt the hella outta u.
So initially when I tired the foam cleanser, my forehead starts feeling itchy, scratchy and painful. Yes, is the eczema acting up.
And of course besides having the allergy, my skin also needs to grow accustomed to the new product.

But that didn't stop me from trying these out, instead I rotate the foam cleanser with my custom cleanser to do a slow switch.
Because the foam cleanser makes me feel so clean after wash I feel a need to use it at least once a day. OK m I Addicted so what?
But at the same time, it drys out part of my skin (especially forehead).

To minimized the Dehydration, I buy facial nets and lather them real foamy so it'll get so fine until is impossible to hurt ur skin.
This trick was shared by Carra from sana. U know huh, she is such a enthusiastic of beauty and skincare she'll share with u whatever she has learn and therefore I'm sharing it with u dblchinis!
so Do try this out! btw Pssst! I'm down to my last bit, gotta go buy more~!

And to compensate the dried out areas, I tend to spot apply more lotions and cream on those places.

After Cleansing,
Here comes the bomb.

(credits: Ris Low)

The Easy Wash Cleansing Water.
Initially I was a total klutz on how to go about using it!
Like a complete idiot, I just simply pump onto a cotton pad, swipe and that's it.
It work a little but it didn't work like magic...So I thought...maybe this isn't the bomb afterall...
Until I found out that IS NOT Solely about the product, Is the Technique!

I got this trick from Niuer's Workshop And I swear It works better than the cow jumped over the moon!

First, I pump onto the cotton Pad,
Then I swipe across my face
And I patted them on
And I swipe them again

And Here comes the most important and crucial to get that yucky bits outta face....

I rubbed the areas (with the cotton pad) which is highly congested.

Of course if ur skin is rather thick (No Pun intended),

U can choose to Rub ur entire face.

For me I do spot rubbing as well, I get dry madness when I rub my forehead and the sides of my face.
Oh yes, there is no need to rinse this off.
So dun Rinse and go yay! I'm gonna smack ur puny ass.

Solely base on rubbin is not suffice. U need to do a deep cleanse once a week.

Well... In this case is the pore Vacuumer~
Cemented-like-looking product Only meant for the nose area.
because it emits heat when in contact water, it might b a little too harsh for all other areas.

So What I'll do is... squeeze the pore vacuumer onto my nose, top with some water and rub. U can feel the reaction when ur nose is heating up as u rub! FUNNY RIGHT?! But I'm not kidding!!!
So with the heat, crack an egg, god knows? 1/2 boil eggs! wheee~!

This definitely have to rinse off.
Dun leave the residue on your nose and go yay! I'll gonna bake ur nose.

Oh yes, this is approx 2 wks after using the pore vacuumer.

Afterall the cleansing steps What should u do?

U need to tone your face!
With skin lotion M
Liquid comes out clear like toner.
U are suppose to pat this on ur skin with a cotton pad until everything gets absorb.
Basically I dun find this like a huge rave. I think it just does worthy of its job. Maybe it might work better with people with majorly blemish prone skin.
However, I do feel refresh with all the patting and of course the scent is wonderful, smells like... I duno how to explain... maybe aromatherapy

Essence Lotion
clear liquid however viscosity a little thicker than skin lotion M
This is not like other essence which are really thick and gluey, it seeps relatively well onto the skin.
My application method. Pump essence on hand and rub them together, spread across face.

Milk Lotion.
Opaque in colour and very lightweight
I rub this together with my palm and swipe them across my face, starting with part where my skin need moisture most (forehead)
I like the texture of this, not too creamy not too watery. Just the right viscosity.
Of course there are days When My skin gets a little too dehydrated, especially after deep cleansing. I'll then double them up with the milk lotion

Sometimes Milk lotion is insufficient for uber dry skin, especially skin with major sensitivity.
This is the rescue cream.
Slightly Thicker and creamier than Milk lotion.
U can apply them like how I did with Milk Lotion, rub this together with palm and swipe them across face.
I dun use a hugeload on my skin. I use them in moderation, like on my forehead & sides of my face.
This is for nightuse thus the heavier feel towards the cream.

After using the cream, Sana has came out with something to lock the moisture as well as to make u feel less sticky.
Powdery, like any type of baby powder but this is cater for face.
Not a huge fan, coz wearing this is like putting on loose powder.
I'll wear that Unless I want to meet Josh hartnett in my dreams,
or else
I'll just pat the powder onto my dblchin and neck so I wun feel so sticky when I wake up the nx day.

Now for my favourite segment of all

UV milk!
Opaque and lightweight. Very easy application.
I really like how the semi-watery feel to it.
Is really easy to apply and sets onto you skin real fast.
However, I think the UV protection is not high enough.
So I'll use this with Natural resource's staple makeup or if I'm hibernating in the office the entire day.
U know ey, even light from ur office emits UV rays, so with PA++ is very important!

The concealer.
This is wayyyy to orangee for me!
I think it works very well for people with warm based skin tone but for my skin it just looks patchy.
One thing I have to say is, the coverage is Great! Is just it it doesn't blend into my skin.

Foundation and Loose powder should come hand in hand
And in this case
This is the liquid foundation that does it's job!
Moderate coverage and blends rather well.
This is rather lightweight and blends well into the skin.
I use it for light days, nothing to do with my menses cycle but days whereby I headout for cycling activities or gossiping with my gf's ard my neighbourhood.

Last but not least, this loose powder is the bomb.
It is so fine it doesn't cause any cakeyness to your face.
I think is much much better than my faceshop (from korea) loose powder. Maximum coverage with minimum cakeyness.

First I apply the loose powder on my face by patting them on. I do not want to destroy the areas where I've concealed earlier. So after patting them on for a good amount, I start swiping the powder in light motion to set the face.



Lets c my real life example!
Wah before that my skin is sooooooo HOLEY!
After applying natural resource's liquid foundation as well as loose powder. The holeness are almost concealed!

Ta ta ta ta! I'm a happy dblchin!

Thunk you SANA!
(at all major Drugstores : WATSONS )


*PS- I've received an Anonymous TIP! HAHA, U can get it at SASA TOO~

*Though these products are fully sponsored, every word on this blog entry expresses my own honest thoughts and opinion.


citrella said...

I'm excited to try. I'm going tomorrow. But I look really ugly now with my swollen eye. Hope I'll be better tomorrow *prays*

Thanks for sharing abt SANA products, babe. Have a good weekend. I see you real soon right?

Anonymous said...

Oh wow the blackhead removal on the nose really works, you look amazing! I have tried countless of blackhead removal products but even after a year nothing seems to have changed. Great post!

Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my post by the way, I appriciated it so much, it made me feel a whole lot better.

Thank you again, you have a heart of gold and a radient smile, your beautiful!

Anonymous said...

omg wow. your skin looks really TOP!

Anonymous said...

interested to try this amazing loose powder after see your before and after shot. so went to Watson Marina Sq ealier but couldn't find Sana Natural Resource range. not giving up and decided to try sasa instead and yes i got it there and was told is exclusive to SASA only.

dblchin (double chin) said...

Thanks for the tip Anonymous ! I shall add 'sasa' in!

yee said...

Oh My Gad!! The Pore Vacuum really works!

skin care reviews said...

Yes, Yee, I noticed that too! The effects are almost instant and are very obvious! It kind of looked like your blackheads got removed by an expert.

Pablo said...

It's one thing to select which skincare products you're going to use and it's another to know the proper application. Thanks for the tips and the interesting analogy. I will definitely try these out!

Bethany said...

I use the face wash and I just love it's scent. The packaging of the products looks pretty neat as well.

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