physiogel with Oasis Interactive with Dr Mark & dblchin

Hiya dblchinis!!!
Time for another entry!

This time let's talk about sensitive skin.

Physiogel & Oasis Interactive are specially kind to us beauty bloggers
They organized the event at this super atas place 'Grand Park Hotel, Ballroom' so we can enjoy good food and awesome speech from the dermatologist:

Dr Mark Tang

I posted a very (self-proclaimed)good Qns to him later on.

Btw just to let u know, physiogel, a pharmaceutical brand, cater for people with sensitive skin are retailing at local drugstores. They carry the highest quality of products that reaches into the deeper layers of your skin by not only moisturizing it but locking them and retaining it.

Since is suitable for sensitive uses, so this is definitely safe for people with normal skin types too.

And lets check out the cool educations we received from
Dr marc
Eczema, this is my greatest nemesis, I get mild eczema on my face especially my eyelids when I use the wrong product or when I overuse false lashe glue.
It gets really itchy and frustrating and I can't wear on makeup for the next several days.

Well... Some people get worse eczema on their hands and legs. Major unpleasant.

So what are the signs?
yea... seriously u think people are keen hold ur hand if it is infested with flaky skin?

Everytime I did handshake with my dad's particular eczema hand-infested friend I feel like shoving him a bottle of moisturizer. Is so dry it looks contagious.

Cream VS lotion
Which is better???

Actually both are equally good, u just need to find out which is more suitable for you

If u have moderate skin type, it means ur skin doesn't feel dry to the touch and it looks healthy and supple. U probably can go for lotion.

But if u have fish-scaled like skin like what I used to have on my lower legs, Cream works best.
Yes I used to think taking care of my face is the only important factor.
But I'm so wrong,
People actually do check-out at my long short legs when I'm wearing minis, regardless of the degree on the sexiness.

Since then I started drowning myself with moisturizer once I'm done with showering. I've been on this routine for 2-3 months now and of course my fishy scales are diminishing.

How about do men need to moisturize?

Arbo then.....Of course!
But bf refused to take care of his skin by brushing it off due to time constraint.
This is y from time to time I still do whip up the term 'PP' for him (since 7 yrs ago).
Nah... is not Peter pan, is Pimple Plantation.

Ok some do's and don'ts

My palm is still kinda dry and rough so I neeed to work on that & I'm still working on it.

This pic talks about the diff layers of the skin.
And the level of penetration Physiogel will get into these layers

Oh yes I asked Dr Mark 'Hey doc, can we actually put baby powder after we moisturize so that We will not feel that much of the stickiness?'

He answered " GOOD Question"...........
actually no, I just imagine he said that.

This is what he answered :
(can't rmb in full but this is what Roughly explains)

"well...I dun c much harm with applying baby powder after moisturizer but it somehow defeats the purpose of moisturizing as u already wear on moisturzer and u matify it with baby powder. It really all depends on the level of your comfort with your moisturizing agent."

I think he said a whole lot more, dun think I remember.
BUT is good enuf kay.
in school they always say, CAPTURE THE KEY POINTS.
So I did.
camwhore city© blogger: 'Wah dblchin, y didn't u study harder last time? like only now?'
dblchin: 'Bitch u la camwhore city©'.

Ok very important, the key things to look for in that moisturizer.
And that explains more to choosing ur moisturizer

We had a round of game are split into teams of 3 for a Q&A contest session.
So whatever qns is asked we are suppose to shoutout our team names so that we can get a chance to answer.
But I duno out of sudden there this ambassador started bitching across the room towards us and dampens the entire team's mood.
Yea, I should've taken down a pic of her constipated face & I'll remember e nx time round.

Anyways.... here are some of the display stands.

Oh yes And prizes for the most hydrated blogger.

Yes whatever u say. I'm still showing u the camwhore pixies.

Chan chan & Tip & with our powers combine, we are the freebie gang.

Jun the early bird that gets all the freebies & Rac her first few times attending and collection freebies.

A boy holding freebies but refused to giv us extras.

Ok lets not bother abt other ppl's freebies.

Check out mine.

I'm so gonna try their sunblock.
All these cream might just feel a lil sticky but it dun last for long!

Physiogel comes in Shower gel too.

This is the lotion I'm talking about if U feel that Cream is a little wee to rich.

The Non Foamy cleanser.
Great, Eczema Raise that white flag please.

Oh yes, do check out my outfit of the day.
I wore simple tankie with harem pants from mymagiccloset
U can take a closer look at the pants here

Simply click here:
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Oh btw....

I got this Extra bottle of lotion from June!
Well She got a yr's supply of Physiogel lotion and she is kind enough to giv me extras!
She can choose not to share with me But she is totally a sweetheart la and she gave me an additional, Physiogel sensitive shampoo! U dblchinis ought to visit her blog.

Such awesome blogger shouldn't b missed.
I'm posting this not just because I received the freebie from her, she is really awesome, kind-hearted, nice and 1 million good things.

How about me?
I'm just camwhorish.

So In short , dun forget to
With Physiogel of course!


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