How far would I go Photoshopping myself

way way way dblchinis~

Drafted this earlier but didn't get to post it until today.


Yes! I photoshop myself!!!
But to what extend?

What is considered over photoshopping to u?

How much do u want to c a person being photoshopped?

Does it mean by not having the knowledge/skills of photoshopping means U r original?
Say for example:
Does it makes u saint, Just because U dun use the word 'FUCK'
Well... If u say yes then I'll b the baddest badass girl in the UNIVERSE.


I get questions raised from this frd when debated on how different I look in real life and photos. She answered "erm... U photoshopped urself right, that's y look different"

I'm like... Actually NO, is makeup.

But I dun denied I photoshop myself.

Seriously, I dun care whether dblchinis r gonna call me a lying bitch, after this. Or a ugly fuck that needs plastic surgery, OR I need to b shove in Plasticzilla's (credits to Xiaxue) mold.
my grandma Wrinkled ass looks chioer than ur face.
I'm still gonna show u the pics.

Original Image
Pic comes like that, Very raw isn't it? And bad lighting.

This is the extend Which I usually use for my blog entries
Not the best lighting but u can measure my efforts of making the pics brighter. Usually I'll stop at this point. But then again, I will extend my skin to photshopping them to a softer smoother mode.

I might just need to touch up a little more on the sides of my lips, it seems as if I have not clean up the leftovers of my dinner.

And in my opinion, this is a highly photoshopped image which is too bloody tedious to achieve for me.
I dun think I'll ever go to such measures, the enlarging of the eyeballs are far too cumbersome
Can u Imagine If I spend like 3 hours liquidifying my eyeballs just to make them wee bigger so that I wun look like the real me in realife.
But skin softening is definitely usable in this pix.

Ok la I show u 3 separate images also no use, maybe u can't see a significant difference.
So This the gif animation so u can spot them!

create avatar
I enlarged my eyes, Photoshopped the sides of my nose to make it smaller. Seriously I know I have button nose but I dun bother to even make them sharper coz... I duno how to. HAHA!
Changed the lighting to a softer cleaner mode. Clean up the impressions on the sides of my lips.
That's about it.
so....Y do I photoshop?
(btw I photoshop almost every photo I posted and that includes all the animals, scenery and other non-living things)

Yes to make myself look chioer.

To give you quality photos even I'm not the best at photoshopping.

To b fair to my advertisers by not posting shitty photos of their products even though I'm not much of a photographer.

Maybe my photoshopping skills are not superb but I always try to make it better but real.

And same goes to this:

The one of the left is an untouched original photo by natural lighting. I took this at my window pane that is y it is emitting strong lighting to my hair colour.
And My skin colour is originally v fair.

In this pic I never Photoshop any of the features jsut defining of the chin & the lighting & softening of the skin.
Actually my nose is really button but how cme it looks much defined in this pic? like I say... is makeup.
Contouring is the bomb dblchinis~

Ok what, after photoshopping I dun look that different right? Right? RIGHT?

But OF course Without the help of makeup, I'll look VERY VERY DIFFERENT.
U can c all my fugly photos here
Not enough? PM me, I'll send u more.

I'll do whatever makes dblchin a happy girl.

Bye losers

And Love u dblchinis~!


Kelvin said...

At least u do not photoshopped until its not u XD

Ken said...

u look cute either way!

thesuper-girl said...

You totally spoke my mind. I have a weirdo posting all of my pictures in her blog and call me a liar cuz I photoshop myself. -___-

Nic Nic said...

I like this post, I couldnt tell the difference until i saw the gif, it was very subtle!!

Your natural pics look great anyway. I am waaaaay to lazy to photoshop - even watermarking is a chore for me LOL!

*~kAy~* said...

haha I don't see anything wrong with photoshop.
You're right, it doesn't always have to be to 'alter looks/facial features' because it can really make the picture show true colors and fix lighting :)

Shopcoholic said...

you're still pretty without makeup...

Cereal said...

meh I think photoshopping is justified. Who the hell would be attracted to an unphotoshopped advert? Its the same way I hate reading blogs with ugly pictures, therefore i don't see anything wrong in trying to make pictures look better :D

Dolce♥Bunny said...

everybody knows that no one is perfect! So why not take advantage of it and photo shop as much as you want!you look gorgeous when it was the raw picture! So I support your photoshop!
Tell which girl does not want to look gorgeous!!!!
Do what ever makes you happy ^^

Chantana said...

I do photoshop on all my pics.. including my doggies and random stuff(mostly just brighten up the pics and darken the features to make them/me stand out from the background.

I don't consider your photoshopping pics as photoshopped.. cos you don't change the way you look.. everyone knew that a pic and real life always have color/lighting differences.

And of couse using different camera have different pic result also.

Anyway.. You look good with or without the high contrast.

Coco Tai said...

aw hun, your photos do not look anything like "Plasticzilla"-photoshopped. They are very tastefully photoshopped. Plus, I really like the one where you have red-ish hair. Very pretty color on you.


Goldfish Uncle said...

wah! ur lips so sexy! buey ta han!

Anastacia said...

I think everybody have photoshop today.
But you looks absolutely gorgeous both ways!

dblchin (double chin) said...

U guys are really nice people! THANKS FOR THE COMPLIMENTS & ENCOURAGEMENT!!!

hevn said...

I admit that I don't photoshop my pics because my skill in photoshops stops right after double clicking on it. I'm sad..

Your photoshop pics aren't too drastic and I'll still probably recognize you if I ever saw you on the road so hey, that's fine :D

One question tho, I err, might be mistaken but did you had lasik done before? I thought I read that you did and I jumping with joy when I saw that you were wearing contacts :P I'm still hoping to wear contacts after my surgery T.T

optician said...

The LASIK suits your eyes well. A bit of work and you look good.