Into the night contest {Michelle Phan} -Additional pics

Hello dblchinis!
I took part in Michelle Phan's @ricebunny 'Into the night' contest (collab with scandisk & DJ Tiësto)

Youtubers/I are suppose to make a video response about how they/I, enjoy our/my fun nightout.

Initially, the rules said is ok to let international subscribers to join and such But I guess it has been changed.

So Ultimately I'm not eligible for this.
Nevertheless, I'm still posting my best effort to her response! Hope u dblchinis can still support me!

And This is M.Phan's fist collaboration with DJ Tiësto (his music is uber, google him if u duno him yet) So... Ytubers allowed to use his music in their vid response

So here you go, ' Into the night contest"
Music by DJ Tiësto 'A tear in the open (vastiing remix)'

If you find this awesome, do click on this link and 'thumbs up' for my video!
I would b glad if you could subscribe to my channel as well!

Btw these are some additional Camwhore City
© pics of my 'Into the night' contest look.








Timelessmomentz said...

Chio-ness la!!

*~kAy~* said...

awesome! :)
good luck!!!

Dolce♥Bunny said...

Good luck!
You look gorgeous as usual :)

Pop Champagne said...

you look fab, I love how you did your eyes. good luck with michelle's contest!

Anonymous said...

You look pretty! The lenses look great :)

Elisa Lee said...

niceeee, good luck =D! I saw that you also participated on the gyaru contest ^^ "liked" it on fb =D!


Vivian said...

good luck with the contest girl!!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous!! good luck :D