OPI Matt nail colour La Paz-itively hot

Pink is sucha awesome clr eh?

I'm not Major about pink but it is definitely a clr that doesn't leaves me life.
The moment that I'm born, pink already signifies my gender.


lemme succumb to this Evil kind sweet gradient family.

Don't look at me, don't look at meeeeee!!!!

Wheee~ What a hot nice shade can!
Having the same effect as suede (click here), this turns matte when is applied to your nails.
HOWEVER, matte didn't show up very nice coz of utterly fugly fingers

I wore a top coat over & it looks so so much better than before!
Pardon the chips on my forefinger, matte effect doesn't last very long with disturbance of top coats.

Opi always manages to come up with Quirky names

I would definitely pair this colour with short nails again!
Try not to wear it with long nails unless u have a pair of nice hands & 10 pretty fingers, I look like a thousand year old spirit when I wear this mad hot colour on with long nails.
So keep it safe, matte those short nails pink.

Last but not least, a kawaii cutesy pose for your interest!
as my bf always says, act jap.



Irene said...

I think it's Major cute!!! :D

*ying* said...

hot pink, very nice ma.. :p

Timelessmomentz said...

Cute!!! =D

Ken said...

nail polish greaat~!

the guilty hyena said...

Cute video! You're fingers are not fugly :)

Martwa Marta said...

the polish has a great color!

sophia said...

Wow that color is HOT! Looks sexy! Cute ring too :)

sophia said...

I wanna join the contest!! Congrats to you!!

Carla~カルラ~ said...

so true about pink nail polish with long nails, yuk!!

very pretty color!! and i want to join the contest as well!

ginwong said...

nice color!!! i love this color!

min sin said...

nice sexy pink over there..

Are you wearing your engagement ring?

*Anita* said...

love the bright pink nails! i'm wearing a similar colour myself right now :D xx

Marie said...

This color looks really great on you :)

I'm not too keen on the matte finish too, but this color with the topcoat looks fab on your fingers!