Updates - Discount on My Magic Closet

Hihi all! Since u dblchinis are sooooo such awesome readers & expressed so much interest in getting the outfits from MyMagicCloset especially:

#3010 Polka Dot Chiffon Dress


I've managed to talk the seller out that all dblchini's readers will get a Whooping 5% off!


When U r about to make ur purchase don't forget quote 'dblchin' to get ur deserving discount!!!

Hope over now n make ur purchase! hurry before stocks run low~

Visit now!


Zoe said...

Wow, I love it..It looks so fab on u^^

A♥ said...

awww the dress looks adorable on you!


Goldfish Uncle said...

how to get the model?? magic closet got sell?? if dont have where got magic liao

Fionaa ♥ said...

Cute Dress! looks pretty on you (: I want it!