For the memory...

I would like to dedicate this entry to a man I have never seen much
Yet never seen enough

He's an old time customer, a friend, a mentor & someone close to being my grandpa...

Always putting on a smiling front, even when the day I popped by that dreadful place.

Even so he knows of his own wicked condition, he still present his pleasant self asking for his usual drumsticks & Cuppa coffee.

So I promised, to bring him Abalone & sharkfins right to his DOOR STEP the very next time

never will I get the chance again...

I held his hand before I left this dreadful place , the 'hospital'
felt the frail in those muscles.
I'd to admit, he's old...but Not old enough to go...

Heaven is cruel , Heaven is kind.
They took the man we love
Yet release his suffering phrase.

I'm glad I've got the chance to say goodbye.

Thank u for coming into my life.

Thank u for watching me grow.

Thank u for being sucha faithful customer

Thank u for living sucha an awesome life, even at the age of 80+ u still are driving ur little vehicle to chauffeur goods

Thank u for allowing me to c the last of those whites in your hair, the sunken cheeks, the petite small old man
best of all the most unforgettable smile.

U r the splitting persona of grandpapa that had replace many good years after he passed on
now you urself had gone to heaven...

Maybe the guardian angels b ur friends now.
I'll definitely join u someday, somehow,
For I'm sure
I'll aged gracefully like u do.

Thank u 'ah tek ah pak'
R.I.P 03042010


Reinhardt said...

It's sad that he's passed, he was so kind to all of us :(
RIP 阿德阿伯

Carrie said...

i got two relatives passed away last week... :(