Congrats Xiaxue!!! ( Mike's marriage proposal)

Congrats to all so (in)famous blogger Xiaxue aka Wendy Cheng.

Although I'm not a hardcore fan (maybe subconsciously I'm) of hers but I truly feel from the bottom of my heart. Proposal is always sweet especially when it comes with a surprise. I'm glad her hub-to-b finally take a move after varies attempts of her hinting on her blog entries.
You go lucky girl!!!

Once again, a blissful long marriage to you XX. Keep up to making awesome entries & vids~!

Vids (credits : Cheesie & cheeserland)

(credits : Idreamtobreakaway)

Shin Ming also did a cover story of her. how great is that?


Kelvin said...

Her kids will be famous in the future...

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