Awesome Beauty channel/ my 5th beauty video~!

Ello dblchinis!!!
Do check out this awesome beauty channel by

She's like me, a makeup lover. And she has awesome vids on youtube too! I think she's original & she does brilliant makeup not shabby looking just to pass off a video.

Her blog :
youtube :

Lets check out one of her hair regime~!

ok now, I'mma diverting the limelight back to myself *shifts spotlight* eh em, I just posted up a pink eyeshadow vid tutorial look on mon. I thought I could share it with everyone reading my blog incase u are not a youtuber.

I created this pink look in a very simple way, with just a tint of pink on the inner corners of the lid. It not only glam up the look but also gives a very fresh feel pairing up with those subtle browns n black. In addition, pale pink lip gloss givs a much younger youthful look.

This look is not only suitable for clubbing, it is practically wearable for any nightout.

Alright, do look at the embedded video below & let me know what you think.

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UmaPreve said...

Hi Dear, I am truly touched that you have featured me on your blog. Thank you so much.

I look forward to reading your posts. Now I have more time to that!

Big hugs!