The alluring gal power that made my Xmas possible. (onsugar Xmas Xchange)

Firstly, A Big HUG to DIANA , the lovely host that made every segment superbly eggciting!
& the lovely Gals tat I've met, thanks a gazillion for making me feel nonetheless a sugarette.

This Xmas party is sucha big hit I really hope to cya gals very soon again!


I really have to say, My life is sooooo richly accessories now I'm glad I didn't live in vain. *kay, time to make a will*

We sat around, chit chatting, exchanging beauty knowledge & flood beauty stores with our presence. Awesome Xmas spirit for us, not so much for the store assistant. They are baffled & annoyed by our existence, I can almost see their faces turning into prunes.

Still...we loiter e vicinity like delinquents.
Until we are satisfy with/without our purchases, we patted our asses & left the stores.

I remembered when we flocked over to the Chanel booths, the beauty adviser tried many times to interrupt us when we are playing with e counter products.
failed to stop our invasion.
Eventually she sat in a corner like a helpless toddler in her pool of pee....

I saw her blew a sign of relief when we acclaimed Victory n left. Seriously, Nothing is impossible with these bunch of 'warriors' around.

so the leader of the pack shows off her winning pose.

Draw a mega million hearts for you! Chio not?

The Sarahs (sara + sarah) look nothing like each other huh.
But the makeup skills are equally impeccable.
U should check them out.
If you haven't, U r missing out some good gurus in town.

I met maddy & Envee too! Both petitely tiny!
Being in the front row all the time, I always thought I'm b the most minisculious gal on earth.
BUT... I was so wrong....
I discovered other petite beauties like

5.8342987234783y45 years ago

that includes the sweethearts mentioned. erm...Welcome to my list.

My partner in crime...for game la.
She is a little on the quiet side... But it didn't last long once she starts breaking the ice.

Reyenal Shes soooooo LOVELY!!! She gave us small lil gifts! I got a apricot clr nail colour. Madass happi i tell you.
& Edi, She is megazillion friendly, We shared a lot of beauty stuff.

Chantana, A real sweetheart & my 'fair' princess!
I just can't helped but to take picture w her!

& Miss model of the group is lean, tall & not forgetting Beautiful.
I seriously feel like the dwarf of snow white standing beside her. Erm.. ok not so much of snow white for her but U get what I mean

& the rest that I didn't talk very much to: Sophia, Fatin , Kasthuri, forensia, Xinying , Amy, Jasmin, Roseanne, Jun And others. Pls pardon my momentarily loss of memory if I've not mention u.
Is great hanging out with u gurlies! Is like I've been to the moon n back.

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chantana said...

It was nice meeting you ^__^
You're so sweet and cute.
Next outing you must come ^__^