Tortures of women throughout centuries. Fuff men!

Yesterday night, I caught my all time favorite documentary on #OKTO (only available in sg)


Is not only fuffing awesome, is disgusting, outraging, goreish, repulsive, mind-blowing, grotesque, dumbfounding, overwhelming, spectacular, bizzareish, peculiar, remarkable & 9999999999 sorts of stuff you can think of.

They really show you all kinds of shits stuff about mankind.
Good shit, bad shit, holy shit.
I simply lurve it to bits man.
They make your clevererer.

After watching 20 or so episodes, I felt more scholarly than a PHD student.
no kidding.

So, I felt the need to talk about women in this entry, especially after watching yesterday's episode.
Y the Fuff do People(men) have to modify a woman to look pretty? like SERIOUSLY, y is women , the weaker sex of men (& the most powerful sexbject in the world) always the ones going thru amounts of torture huh?
Y can't the horny men blame themselves instead? Like modify their dicks of something instead of altering a woman's body.

Oh? you dun fuffin believe me & now u call me a sexist?

Alright, nebermind

Lemme name a few potent examples you heard of, if you have not, u're just shallow mellow :

Foot Binding (china)- Y the Fuff would anyone wants to bind a feet knowing it'll smell worse than shit after a while? I think the emperor in that era is sick, got hk feet fetish or something. Do you know how bad it looks after binding the feet for years???

It looks like this la!
knnz... u dun come n tell me this kind of feet is fuffing chio.

if you do, U must've like camels a lot.

Do you know they can't even do simple things like walking???
quoted the following from Wikipedia :

"origin of foot binding: from the desire to emulate the naturally tiny feet of a favored concubine of a prince"

Naturally tiny??? U call this natural? wah lan... I dunno la.... men...


Corset (France)-I know is sexy n all wearing a corset, accentuating the woman's body n such. But to go to such extreme measures to achieve a tiny waist, is it realli worth it? altering the original part of a human body components. Limbei wear latex material already cannot breathe properly, I can't imagine these women practically live that bloody tight corset. Some of them suffered breathing problems while others had major ribs crushed. This is so so unfair huh.

c e congestion organs if the woman on the right?
the larger intestines became smaller,
the smaller ones? becomes smallerer.

maybe this ah mah voluntarily fits herself in that tight corset .
But I'm sure many women in the past are reluctant to go thru such torture.
no choice what, have to please the men.

Luckily these are long overruled.
Some queer cultures remains.
Lets not talking about man's huge appetite anymore.
We talk about existing beauty
of all sorts.

Neck Stretching(Burma)- Women fit brass rings on their neck next since tender age to elongate their necks! As they age, the rings increase. It can stretch '10 t0 15 inches long'.
Huh, what are they thinking really ?
There are many explanations about the origins of this bizarre culture. The Burmese native woman on TV said they wore these rings so as to represent/bestow the ancient long neck dragons because these creatures protected the people or something.

I'm like wtf, who would want to look like a dragon???
except them.

I can't imagine the Fragile necks hidden behind these plates.

Or how much it resembles an animal.

Lemme make another quote from this website:

"Families passed the tradition down. A long neck was a way to attract good husbands"

I told you, Is down to pleasing those testosterone again.

on the contrary

Not all affliction are ways to attract men.
are to prevent the wolves from preying.

Breast Ironing (Cameroon)-when Breast begun to develop on young Cameroonian girls during puberty, their mother or someone close in the family or even themselves use hot objects, like realli burning hot eh to massage onto their breast.
This will carry on for weeks until her boobies retract or becomes smaller.

like I can't wait to grow boobs & they can't wait to make it disappear.

Is really sad, the reason they wanted to inflict such torture because they want to prevent the horny men from raping or having sexual advances on them. y must torture these poor developing ladies? like y can't men do the same way huh? like place hot objects on their dicks or something.

Fyi these are the objects being place in fires before using on the breast.

N my supid bf claims that my mum uses these methods on me thats y my boobs are half developed...So untrue can.

I must say, I'm truly lucky to bypass that stone age minuscule thinking of men-kind. I can air my feets as much as I please & need not watch out for fainting spells or breathing difficulties just to fit myself into that hourglass corset nor wear heavy rings just to make me self look taller.

I'm gladest that my boobs needs no pounding just to make them flatter. Well...actually u dun need to do anything, they look quite flat oredy but still, am glad.

Women are far to kind
I guess if women are to rule the world, non of these heart-wrenching ordeal will ever happen.
The worse arrangement I could think of
with a lady at hand...
men walking in everything


Anonymous said...

I don't think you should judge these people. What they are doing may be wrong and crazy to you, but to them it is beauty. I am sure that your idea of beauty may seem crazy and wrong to them, too. said...

Hi Becky,

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Dave F Barker

dblchin (double chin) said...

@Dave apologies for my ignorance, I would've credited u if I know of the source. That was the beginning of my first few blog entries so I wasn't sure about credibility. If u are still not comfortable with me posting, I shall remove your photo. I've no intention of ripping it off frm ur site. said...
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dblchin (double chin) said...

I don't see any reason of crediting ur blog when the pic is only affiliated with ur flicker Acc. I've already remove it, hope u are happy with that.

Btw please don't anyhow name me, I'm not Becky.